im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


3. Yet another trip to Starbucks

"What's wrong? It's 1:30 and you haven't gone for a jog yet..." Colton muttered from the side of my bed, I glanced up at him, my eyes sore from crying all night.
"I met three of my idols and they want nothing to do with me, maddy blew me off again." I muttered, combing through my tangled hair with my fingers.
"She used to be so sweet. We had such good times, but I know, last time we all hung out she seemed distant." Colton knows maddy very well. We all used to play as kids and she came over for movie nights every Friday up until a few weeks ago, including yesterday she was supposed to.
"Plus. I don't want to text Niall or Liam cause they prolly don't want to talk to me, I'm just a fan that they lent a sweater to." His eyes widened.
"That Niall and Liam!?" He pointed to the poster on my wall. I nodded 
"The one and only." I muttered, pressing my face back into my pillow and closing my eyes tightly.
"Call them. Right now. On speaker. I want to see if it's legit." I sighed 
"Colton. They don't want me to big them!" I argued. He gave me a look, picking up my phone I picked Nialls number and hit speaker.
"Hello?" The Irish accent made my day an ruined it at the same time.
"Hi Niall. It's maybry.... The one who got bumped into and had to borrow Harry's hoodie." I explained, he probably forgot who I was by now.
"Oh. Hey love, feeling any better?" He asked, Colton gave me an encouraging eyebrow wiggle.
"Kind of. My brother actually made me call you." I laughed, sticking my tongue out at Colton. Niall chuckled.
"That's great. I'm glad you did." Colton grinned as Niall said it.
"My work here is done." Colton stated as he walked from my room.
"Who are you talking to ni!?" I heard someone who I'm guessing is Zayn asks.
"Uhm. A friend!" Niall yelled back, a grin spread on my lips.
"Is it the girl from yesterday!? The one with those big green eyes?" Harry yelled, a blush creeped onto my lips.
"Ya! Her names Maybry!" Niall replied, I heard a door close. "Sorry. Would you like to... Uh maybe go for a coffee?" Niall horan just asked me out. 
"Yes. I mean... Ya, sounds good. Could you pick me up in I don't know... Half an hour!?" I stood up and raced into my closet, trying to find something suitable to wear on a date with Niall horan. 
"Yeah. Be there then." I ended the call and jumped up and down. I'm freaking out. I pulled a pair of dark blue hollister skinny jeans on and a tight purple shirt.
I quickly curled my hair with a curling wand and applied a light amount of make up. 
"MAY! The blonde one is here!" Colton yelled, I rolled my eyes and walked to the top of the steps, and debated weather to slide down the railing or not. Colton MIT have noticed me glance at it on my way over because he frowned. "Don't you dare." That just made y decision for me. I reached the stairs and sat on it sliding down and proudly flipping Colton the bird. Niall started laughing and Colton glared as I made my way over to them. 
"Oh common colt. You know you love me." I joked kissing his cheek.
"When will you be home?" Colton asked, trying to act as If he's an authority.
"Don't wait up." I said sarcastically, winking at Colton.
"EW." He replied jokingly.
Niall chuckled again and wrapped his arm around my waist, I basically melted into him.
"Lets go." Niall whispered in my ear, his accent is so lovely my heart stopped, I nodded feeling starstruck and let him lead me towards a rangerover.

"Strawberry frap please." I ordered, pulling out my wallet to pay, Niall stopped me and ordered his drink aswell, paying for both. I blushed as deep red and looked at my shoes, I was so nervous for this I grabbed my pink and yellow Osiris shoes instead of the black ones that match this outfit. 
"Here you go." Niall handed me my drink and I smiled at him. 
"Thanks." I nearly whispered.
"Do you want to go walk around or..." Niall trailed off, seeming new to this whole 'date' thing. And I'm new to it as well. 
"I guess walk around? I missed my jog today so..." I muttered, feeling awkward. 
"Why don't we go back to our house, mine and the boys." He suggested.
"You m-mean.... B-be with all five of you!?" I felt my knees start to shake and tears fill my eyes at the thought.
"Unless you don't want to." Niall replied, taking my hand and guiding it towards the rangerover.
"Lets do it." I stated, grinning.

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