im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


8. Won't give up

"I'm sorry?" I said sarcastically. "I'm 16 for god sake! I'm allowed to get drunk! I'm allowed to have fun! Don't be such a prick!" I muttered, ignoring the pounding in my head.
"I'm not being a prick! I was worried about you! The amount you drank! Your only 16 for gods sake!" Niall yelled. I rolled my eyes and ended the call, glancing at nigal.
"I'll take the T-3 now." I muttered opening my palm, he placed the pain killer in it and handed me a glass of water.
"How's my future daughter in law feeling?" Nigals mom calls me that. She thinks me and him are meant for eachother.
"Like shit ma." I replied in a tired voice.
"You clothes are drenched. Do you want to borrow a pair of my sweats and ill drive you home?" Nigal asked, I nodded and walked to his room, digging through his drawers until I found my favorite pair of his joggers. I slipped them on and grabbed a new shirt, pulling off my old one and yanking it over my head. i tied my hair into a  bun, glancing in the mirror to see nigal standing and watching me with a smug look on his face.
"Nigal!" I squealed, he probably watched me change! 
"That was hot." He muttered walking towards me and placing his hands on my hips.
"Nigal no." I whispered, glancing down.
"Just let me kiss you!" He ordered, lifting my head and smashing his lips into mine, I didn't kiss back, didnt push away, I stayed frozen.

"How was the party?" Colton asked as I entered the house.
"Wild. Truly wild." I replied stumbling into the kitchen. "Nigals party's I tell ya. There going to be the death of me"
"Nialls here." Colton stated, i glanced up and saw Niall sitting at the island.
"Hi." I muttered sheepishly.
"We need to talk." Niall said as he glanced up at me. "What the hell are you wearing?" He asked as he took in nigals hoodie an joggers.
"I had to borrow clothes because mommy in law is too big." After I said mommy in law his eyes widened.
"Nigals mom. She calls me future daughter in law an I call her mommy in law." I explained.
"Go get changed." Nialls eyes darkened and my heart stopped. He gave me a death glare and muttered something to Colton which Colton replied with,
"He's a good kid."



"I don't want you to keep hanging out with him." Niall stated.
"I dont want you going to clubs and having millions of  girls throw themselves at you but I can't change it." I replied, I have my bitchy face on. It's weird to think of Niall as Niall of one direction.
"That has nothing to do with this!?" Nialls slowly shattering my heart.
"It has everything to do with this! I have to share you! Everyday I have girls tweet me that I'm not good enough for you! I'm sorry for wanting to feel pretty! Nigal complements me all the time! You don't." I'm not sure where this is coming from but it's true. 
"Sorry?" I rolled my eyes and got out of the car, walking through the paps trying to get to the boys door.
"Mrs! Can we have a quote on what dating Niall horan is like!?" A pap asked.
"It's difficult, having all these girls who are much prettier, and smarter, and nicer throw themselves at him all the time. It's hard dealing with all the hate, it's hard having a regular life. But I really care for Niall. I don't think I could give up on him." I stated, turning and walking into the house. "Bbboooyyys!" I yelled, displaying the huge bag of nandos. Zayn walked into the hall and gave me a scared look.
"What's up with you and ni? He says you stayed at an exs last night?" Zayn asked as he grabbed his food.
"I was drunk. Nothing happened. I slept in his moms bed!" I lied, I didn't sleep in her bed and i guess me and nigal kissed.
"Don't bite my head off." Zayn joked, but went Silent as the door swung open and Niall picked me up, smashing his lips to mine.
"I won't give up on us." He whispered into my lips. I kissed back, feeling confused. When we pulled appart Niall smiled sweetly at me, "your In high school so I understand that you want to party and that you have a Lot of male friends. I don't want to lose you." Niall whispered the words and I grinned.
"Nialler your amazing." I kissed him again and pulled him into a hug.
"HELLO!" Louis yelled, ruining our moment, we all laughed for a minute and i felt like the luckiest girl in the world. The door opened and the two prettiest girls walked in, Eleanor and perrie.
"You must be may! Niall talks about you nonstop!"  Perrie ran up and hugged me an I grinned like a fool. Niall looked down at the floor to hide the blush that's on his cheeks.
"Im a big fan of little mix! My favorite song is wings." I stated, grinning.
"Thanks love, me and el were going to go shopping soon. Want to come?" Perrie offered behind her Eleanor nodded encouragingly.
"Of corse!"  I replied. "Could we stop by my house on the way so I can grab my wallet?" I asked, a grin playing on my lips.

"Bye girls! I had a blast!" I waved goodbye and walked into mine and Colton's house, struggling to carry all my bags in.
"May! Your home! How was your day with Niall?" Colton's drunk.
"Fine. Who's over?" I asked now feeling agitated.
"Nigal!" Colton seems ecstatic that he's here, Colton always had a soft spot for nigal. 
"Mayy!" He slurred.
"Hi nigal. I'm going to go have a shower and go to bed. Night." I muttered carrying my bags up the steps.
"I'll come!" Nigal yelled following me up, I looked back at Colton who was sitting on the couch counting his fingers.
"Nigal. It's not complicated anymore. Niall and I are together and I'm not going to cheat." I slammed my door in his face and flopped down on my bed, why does my life have to complicate everything!?



"You uh.... Want to spend the night?" Niall offered, the eight of us, perrie, Zayn, Niall, me, Louis, el, Harry, and Liam, are all watching movies at there house.
"I have school tomorrow." I replied nestling my head into his chest an closing my eyes.
"I'll drive you?" I frowned slightly.
"Niall. I can't. Sorry." I don't mean to be harsh but really! 
"Ohkay." He muttered under his breath. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, I slipped it out an unlocked it.
From:big brother<3
Get home now! Shits hitting the fan!

"Niall I need to go!" I muttered in a rushed voice, standing and jogging to the door. 
"I'll drive you." Niall stated, following me. "Who texted you?" He asked once we were outside the house.
"Colton. Something's happening." I replied running to the range rover and climbing inside. 


"Bye." I whispered into Nialls mouth, pulling away from the kiss and waking inside. 
"MAY! Your home!" Colton ran to me and was about to say something but got inturupted.
"Maybry. What the hell are you wearing!?" I glanced down at my shorts and top and looked up to see who the voice belongs to.
"Mom and dad are back!" Colton cheered, showing the true horror in his voice.

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