im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


7. Party

I exited the school, laughing at something nigal said to me. ready to find Colton's old red pickup but found Nialls range rover instead. I sighed and walked to it, taking a deep breath and jumping into it.
"You've been ignoring me." Niall stated, starring out the windshield.
"I've been busy." I replied trying to keep my feelings bottled up inside of me.
"Who is he?" Niall snapped suddenly, I looked in the direction he was looking and saw nigal waving at me and holding my purse
"I'll be right back." I jumped out and jogged to him.
"Who's in that car?" He's always pretending that he has some claim over me or something.
"My boyfriend. But it's very complicated." I replied, he handed me my purse and I hugged him tightly. 
"You forgot to grab it from me." He stated kissing my cheek.
"I've been so busy I didn't even notice, thank you." I hugged him again.
"Are you coming tonight?" 
"Possibly. I need to talk to him." I stated, I waved as I walked back to Nialls car.
"Is that why you haven't aswered my calls? Too busy with him?" Niall snapped
"That's nigal. My ex. I loved him. I've been ignoring you because you cheated Niall. I saw the pictures. I saw the fucking paps videos of you two grinding." I snapped.
"Your cheating on me!" He yelled.
"I'm not. Actually." I snapped.
"Sunday! You had a guy over. I saw him go refill your drinks! I came back to see if we could talk and he walked by the window may." I rolled my eyes
"That was Colton. You couldn't come in because Colton and I were have a night. I didn't want to tell you because I don't want you to think he doesn't like you! Actually he hates you now but he used to like you." I explained.
"Shit... I'm sorry may." Niall whispered.
"I'm sorry.." I stated. "Let me out here." Honestly I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. 
"What!?" Niall asked, slowing the car down.
"Stop the car and let me out. Ill see you tomorrow. Maybe. I need some time." I stated, he didnt stop the car but actually sped up.  "Stop the fucking car Niall." I hissed, he gassed it and sent us flying down the road. "We're done." I can't believe I jut said that to Niall horan. What the hell am I doing!? He slowed down and pulled into the empty lane, driving slowly but not stoping, I grabbed my purse and all my thing and opened the door. I took a deep breath and jumped out, ignoring the honks and I raced to the edge of the road. Niall sped up and soon he was out of sight. I collapsed to my knees in the ditch. I sat there for 10 minutes or so. Crying. "What the fuck am I doing?" I ask myself aloud. 
"Your sitting in the ditch." Nialls voice filled my ears and I glanced up to see him standing infront of me with a rose. I opened my mouth to speak but he put a finger out, pausing me. "I'm sorry. I lost it, thinking you were cheating on me? I went crazy and kissed that girl. Please, please give me one last shot. I really like you maybry. Get back in the car and we can sort this out. Please." I took the rose and smelt it, smiling slightly, Niall took my hand and helped me to my feet, pressing his lips to mine in one of the best kisses I've ever had. 

"Common. Please?" I begged
"No! Why do you want to go to this party so bad!?" Niall replied, he's not happy about me wanting to go to nigals party with him.
"Because! Nigals had these party's yearly! I've never missed one! Even his first one! Ok. Technically I missed it but I still drank with him! Please! His party's are the best!" I wrapped my arms around Nialls shoulders and pressed my forehead to his. I know I'm babbling but I have to go to this party!
"Fine... But only for two hours.... And you stay with me the entire time!" Niall bargained.
"YAY! I'm going to go get ready! Wear something you don't mind getting trashed! These party's are cray! Pick me up at 6!" I kissed him quickly and ran up to my room, pulling on a pair of short shorts and a baggy stripped shirt. I curled my hair into ringlets and applied some waterproof makeup.
This is going to be amazing.


"Hey babe! Your here early!" Nigal yelled as I walked into his house.
"May! It's been a few weeks since I've seen you!" Nigals mom hugged me tightly. I smiled at all my grade twelve friends who are friends with nigal.
"Ahem." Niall cleared his throat from behind me.
"Shit! Y'all! This is Niall! My boyfriend" I stated, feeling his arm slip around my waist.
"Complicated?" Nigal asked.
"Not anymore!" I stated, hugging nigal, will and Ty. 
"Guess what I brought?" Ty asked.
"What?" I replied, ignoring Nialls stares.
"Our hats." He stated, pulling out  batman, superman, Spider-Man, and ironman snapbacks. I jumped up and down and grabbed the superman one.
"This was so long ago! Ahh! The teams back together!" I yelled, we all pulled the hats on and put our hands in the middle,
"Lets kill some bitches!" We all said at the same time. Soon we were all laughing so hard tears were filling my eyes.
"So. I got your vodka." Nigal handed me a big glass bottle of grey goose.
"Ohhhh fancy." I joked uncapping it and chugging some back. "Niall?" I offered,
"No. I'm fine." He muttered, fixing the boys with a hard glare. I rolled my eyes and stood. 
"Nigal. Ty. Will. Lets go set up the kegs" I muttered.

-4 hours later-
"May! We have to go!" Niall ordered grabbing my wrist, I giggled and grabbed nigal.
"Nigal! He's making me gooooo! Save me!" I whispered, nigal laughed and picked me up yanking my arm from Niall we ran to his back yard pool and jumped in. 
"Maybry! Everyone here keeps calling me that one direction fag! Lets go!" Niall seems pissed. I giggled again.
"Hop in! The waters fine!" I joked splashing around, nigals hands wandered over my waist and up my sides under the water. 
"I'm going home. Ill see you tomorrow. Call me when you need a ride home." Niall turned and left.  I rolled my eyes and turned to nigal, in a second Ty a will were in the pool with us, and than every one seemed to jump in. When the song 'the bad touch' came on the four of us screamed the lyrics and danced around, nigals hands stayed on my hips the rest of night.


"Wanna spend the night?" He slurred, I nodded and layed on his couch. That was truly the best party yet. "Here." He threw me a pair of his boxers and a shirt. I nodded and started to undress, keeping my knickers ad bra on. When I pulled the shirt on and the boxers he fake moaned. "I'll never get tired of seeing you in my clothes." I giggled and felt his arms wrap around me.
"Nigal?" I asked.
"Yes babe?" He replied.
"Why do you care about having me around so much? You broke me a year ago. Grade nine. Why?" I asked, Im glad I asked because I never would have I I were sober.
"Because. I only broke up with you because I care about Ty. I've wanted you to be mine since I first laid eyes on you." He replied, holding me close, his hand trailed down my back and back up, tracing my spine. 
"I have to go to bed. Nialls going to kill me... I wasn't supposed to drink alot.." I slurred, I broke from nigals arms and layed on the couch, letting him cover me with blankets.

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