im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


9. Over.

"Hey. Are you mad at me or something?" Niall asked as he stood in my door way.
"No! Of corse not! I've just been very busy." Under statement of my life. I've been stressed to the max! My mom and dad have been here for two days and are staying two more and my life is crashing down around me. I heard my mom yell who's at the door.
"Nialler you have to go. Please. Please go." I begged, but it's too late.
"And who is this lovely young man?" My mom cooed from behind me.
"I'm Niall." Why does he have to be so god dammed charming!?
"Oh? And how do you two know eachother?" She's going do ruin everything!
"I'm her boyfriend." Niall stated stepping into the house and wrapping his arm around my waist.
"May didnt mention she has a boyfriend." My mom stated, trying to push my buttons.
"Actually I did. About six times now. Like when you saw the poster in my room and said the blonde one was cute, I told you he was my boyfriend." I snapped, it's true. She just doesn't listen. "Ni babe I think you should go. I have school in ten minutes." I stated kissing him quickly, 
"Ill drive you." He replied smiling.
"I'm going to drive her." Colton stated, my dad and him entered the room.
"Who's this?" My dad asked, acting all macho.
"My boyfriend." I replied.
"Oh? Come here and shake my hand son." My dads an ass.
"Niall go. Ill see you tonight. Ill get Colton to drop me off at yours after school." I whispered, Niall nodded and kissed me quickly, than made his way to the door.

"How's your boyfriend? The gay Irish guy!" Nigal asked as he entered the study hall for all grades.
"He's amazing. Best guy I've ever been with. I'm falling for him." I stated, sticking my tongue out at him.
"Does he know about our kiss?" Nigals trying to piss me off.
"First off, it was your kiss. i didnt kiss back. and Nope. And he's not going to find out." I hissed glaring.
"But what if I tell him?"  Nigal threatened, my eyes widened and I let my lips purse. He chuckled until he saw the glare I was aiming at him.
"What do you want nigal!?" I snapped, rolling my eyes.
"You." He checked me out shamelessly and I rolled my eyes.
"Can't have me. It's funny. We could have been high school sweet hearts if you hadn't dumped me." I snapped, shoving past him as I walked by.
"I'll talk to Niall later." 
"I can ensure that you don't." I stated, threats hanging in my words.
"How?" He seems slightly worried.
"I have a group of body guards of Nialls. I could just mention that you threatened Nialls life..." I stated, flipping my hair as I exited the room. 
"Hey Niall. It's nigal. Mays friend." Nigal said from inside the room, I turned to look and saw him on my phone, he grinned and hit speaker. Fucking shit! I left it on the table!
"Hi mate, why do you have her phone?" Niall asked seeming mad.
"She must have left it in my pocket when she was wearing my hoodie earlier." I narrowed my eyes and stepped forward to grab the phone, a grin spread on nigals lips as he held it over my head.
"Oh?" Niall seems to the point of yelling.
"Ya. She was cold when we were in gym. Her gym strips really tight and short so." Nigal bit his lip to hole in the chuckles.
"Why are you telling me this!?" Niall yelled, I know I'm having a chat with him later.
"Did you two break up on Friday night?" Tears filled my eyes as he asked.
"No. Why." It wasn't a question,
"Oh. Because we kissed... And she spent the night, in my bed, and she got changed infront of me. That's weird that she cheated." Nigal stated. He handed me back the phone.
"Hey Niall...." I whispered, my voice cracking and tears escaping the corners of my eyes.
"You lied. Don't come over tonight. I'm breaking up with you. Go to nigals instead." The line went dead and I fell to my knees, sobs escaping my lips. Nigal walked from the empty room, proud of himself


"You want me to drop you at Nialls?" Colton asked as we drove
"We broke up... Nigal told him that we kissed.... I guess I'll just go to the mall." I muttered, Colton dropped me at the malls and I walked inside, in need of retail therapy.
I walked into forever 21 and bought a bunch of things, charging my dads gold card.
I turned I leave but bumped into someone.
"MAY! Love!" El yelled, hugging me tightly.
"El! Perrie! And... Demi?" I asked, Demi nodded and smiled.
"I'm Nialls girlfriend. It's our three weeks tomorrow! Thanks so much for pretending to date him. It means a lot to his publicity, now were public! " She smiled, this must be bullshit. This must be a sick joke. Some fucking prank.
"Uh. I have to go." I muttered shoving through the three of them and running out of the mall.


"Mum. I'm not well. Call the school." I whined, pretending to feel sick.
"Ok." She doesn't give a damn.
"Thanks." I whispered, crying into my pillow again
"Nialls an ass." She replied and exited the room. 
I should have just left him a dream. A crush that was never going to happen. Him and Demi were a secret well kept, Niall used me for publicity. I'm done. Done with that stupid fucking band. 
Nialls a cheat. Nigal kissed me, I didn't kiss him. Him and Demi have done god knows what!
"May! A young man is here to see you!" My dad yelled, I rolled my eyes and told him to send him up.
"Hey." Liam stood in my doorway.
"Hi." I muttered, my voice cracking.
"She a liar! They are not dating! He just wants to get back at you!" Liam yelled, my eyes widened. "And I wasn't supposed to say anything..." He slapped his forehead and laid next to me on the bed. 
"Please, have a seat." I joked, curling up into his arms. 
"So your skipping school because of Niall?" Liam's arms snaked around me. 
"Get dressed... We're going out... It'll be fun." I sighed but stood and pulled on a short white lace skirt from hollister and a frilly tank top.
"Lets go." I muttered as I finished curling my hair. 

"Ahh! Liam! This is great!" I yelled as we walked into the amusement park. This is going to be a blast.
"Lets go on the big roller coaster first!" He dragged me towards it. We waited in line and hopped on, I forgot all about my fears until we were climbing the steep hill. 
"Li... I'm afraid." I whispered, grabbing his hand.
"It's fine." He squeezed my fingers and intertwined them. We reached the top and felt my heart stop as the track dipped down. I screamed loudly and held Liam's hand, having the best time ever.


"Yum!" I ate another piece of my pink cotton candy, letting It melt in my mouth. "That was the best day li." I stated, kissing his cheek.
"Glad you had fun." He replied, I stepped out of the car and walked to my door, when I opened it Niall was inside talking to Colton. Colton's fist flew up and hit him center. I gasped and covered my mouth.
"Colt!" I screamed, running to Nialls aid.  Nialls nose is bleeding. Bad. "What the hell!?" 
"He pissed me off." Colton shrugged and walked away,
"Niall what are you doing here?" I'm ignoring his nose because I'm pissed at him.
"I'm here for you. I want- need you back. Please. I don't care about nigal." I closed my eyes and held in my building tears, deep breath
"Demi." I couldn't say anything else.
"I payed her. I wanted you to feel like I did." 
"I didn't kiss him. He kissed me. I didn't kiss back. He watched me change but I didn't know until I was changed, and I slept on the couch." I whispered as Niall stepped towards me.
"Where were you?" 
"With Liam. He took me out today, get my mind off you." I replied.
"Do you like him?" Yes a lot. Yes I do Niall. 
"No. I like you. I may even love you." I stated, feeling his lips on mine seconds later, instead of thinking of the kiss and how perfect it was I thought of how right Liam's Hand felt when it was in mine.
"Will you be my girlfriend again? Please," I nodded and hugged Niall.
"I have school tomorrow but do you want to stay over?" I offered, I'm not sleeping with him, not yet, but cuddling.

-Liam's POV-
I walked into our house with a grin plastered on my face. Maybry and I had the best day. It was amazing. She held my hand on basically every ride, kissed me on the cheek. It was great.
"Liam! We thought you were Niall!" Lou yelled as I entered the room they're all in.
"No. Where is he?" I asked, glancing around.
"With maybry, sorting it out. While you were out talking him up with her today he was a wreck so we convinced him to go to her place." Zayn explained. I faked a smile and sat down in the chair behind me. 
I stayed up all night waiting for him to get home and let me know how it went. But he never showed up. 
-next morning-
"I'm home!" Niall yelled. I jogged to the door to see him grinning like a fool.
"Hey." I smiled.
"We're back together... I spent the night." He stated. I felt my heart crumble.

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