im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


23. I call bull on your shit

I closed my door behind me and threw my keys onto the stand.
"I love you." Zayn whispered, making me jump a million feet into the air.
"Shit Zayn!" I yelled, letting him wrap his arms around me. "You nearly gave me a heart attack." I whined, thinking about the song. (Highway don't care). 
"I love you." He repeated himself, nestling his face into my neck.
"I love you too Zayn. I can't live without you." I mumbled, closing my eyes and inhaling his sent, a sent that I've grown to love.
"Good. I think your supposed to work tomorrow... Can I stay the night?" He asked, kissing me.
"Stop." I pushed away. "I don't want to have sex with you every night! I'm done with you pressuring me!" I yelled, smacking his shoulder. "Go ahead and fuck perrie. Because we're done." I instantly regretted those words, tears falling from my eyes, 
"I didn't mean it like that...." Zayn whispered. His smile was long gone, a tear filling his eyes, he ran his hand through his hair and put an hand over his mouth, near the point of crying. "We can't break up." He stated, "I just realized I love you. We can't break up." He mumbled like he's in denial.
"Than we won't." I mumbled, feeling like I can't breath. "We're not over. I love you Malik. I actually do." I mumbled, pressing my lips to his, putting my hands in his hair, his hands rested on my lower back as we kissed, I felt him smile through the kiss, causing me to grin aswell. When I pulled away I looked him in the eye and smiled. 



"Zayn I'm not kidding! Get out of bed!" I shook him and he didnt even open his eyes, I rolled mine and walked to the kitchen an grabbing a cup of Ice cold water. I smiled and walked up the steps and into my room, "Zayn. You have one more chance to get up." I stated, smiling devilishly.
"No." He replied rolling onto his back.
"Ok." I moved the blankets off and poured the water onto his crotch, laughing. His eyes sprung open and he scream slightly. "Morning sunshine." I joked, going into my closet and undressing grabbing a pair of jeans and zayns shirt.
"I hate you." Zayn yelled. 
"I call bull on your shit." I stated, laughing. When I walked out of my closet and past him to my bathroom he checked me out. 
"Damn I love it when you wear my clothes doll. Your so beautiful." He stated, watching from the bed as I did my hair and makeup.
"Get up and dressed, now." I smiled at him. He stood and stripped completely, I screamed jokingly and covered my eyes, he chuckled. 
"ok. I have boxers on doll." He mumbled, I uncovered my eyes and he winked at me . "Your so innocent." He mumbled in a hot voice.
"Your not." I replied, standing and pressing my lips to his, pulling his shirt over his head, and his jeans up his legs. "Sit." I ordered, pointing to the chair. He sat and I straddled him, letting him put his hands on my arse as I did his hair.
"Your amazing." He mumbled as I finished his quiff.
"Agreed." I joked, kissing his forehead when I finished, "ok. Leggo!" I stated, letting him wrap his arms around me as we walked to my truck.
"I'll drive." He offered, trying to grab my keys.
"Suck a dick." I snapped walking to the driver side and jumping in. He gave me a overly dramatic eye roll and climbed into the passenger side.
"How do you get into this thing? It's huge!" He laughed, the doors to the truck are about as big as I am. I love lifted trucks. What can I say, I'm country.
"At least I have a truck... And 'it' as you say is my baby." I joked, reeving the engine. Zayn turned and looked at the back seats.
"Why didnt you get a smaller one?" He asked, "you don't need all this room." 
"Party bus. Obviously." I mumbled in a sarcastic tone.  "Wanna pick the radio station?" I offered.
"I don't care what we listen to." I nodded and flicked it onto my favorite country station, Pulling out of the driveway. The song 'how country feels' started playing so I turned up the volume.  "Can we listen to something other than country?" Zayn complained.
"For someone who doesn't care you sure give a fuck eh?" I snapped jokingly, I turned the volume up an sang along to annoy Zayn. "LET YER HAIR DOWN YER HAIR DOWN GET YA..." I yelled, he cut me off by turning off the station, I glared and gassed it, flying past a group of cars.
"Shit! May! Your gonna get us killed!" Zayn yelled, I glanced at him to see him clutching onto the seat for life. I rolled my eyes and slowed Down a bit, still going extremely fast.
"Chill it. I'm good at reckless driving." I laughed, slowing to the speed limit and  swinging to the studio parking lot.
"God may! Your going to get us killed." Zayn chuckled as he opened his door and jumped out, I rolled my eyes and grabbed my things from the middle seat, stuffing them into my purse as Zayn opened my door, grabbing me hips and lifting me down.
"Can you carry this in for me?" I asked, handing him my purse as I grabbed the boys clothes out of my back seats.
"Of corse," he took the clothes from me aswell and I grinned,
"I Loooove you." I kissed him quickly, turning and running into the studio, Zayn chasing me laughing.
"gag." Liam snapped when Zayn caught me and kissed me.
"Your just jealous." I laughed, putting my headphones in and handing Liam his clothes. "Where's Niall?" I asked the other four boys, handing them all there clothes.
"Hes sick. Says he's not coming." Harry muttered, not making eye contact.
"Are you fucking kidding me? Fine. Ill be right back." I picked Nialls clothes up and walked to my truck.


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