im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


24. Goodbye may. We love you

"Niall!" I yelled when I walked into there house. I have a key. I stormed up to Nialls room and opened the door to see him banging some random girl. "Hate to interupt. Actually I really don't give a fuck. Niall. Get your ass out of bed and to work. Legit." I snapped, walking to them and grabbed Nialls arm, pulling him out of bed and handed him his clothes. "Get dressed. now." I snapped, waiting until the girl left. When she was gone i smacked him upside the head.
"Hey!" He yelled, seeming mad.
"What the fuck do you think your doing? Blowing off work to fuck someone? Reeeal mature Niall. Come on! Lets go!" I slapped him once more and dragged him to the truck
"What's your problem?!" He asked as I swerved through lanes. "Drive a bit slower please. I don't want to die." He snapped.
"Oh just fucking wait till I tell the boys what your risking the bands career to do. Than you'll die." I threatened, pulling into the parking lot and stopping the truck, I climbed out an walked into the studio, Niall running behind me. "Hey boys! Look who I found." I hissed sarcastically, Niall gave me pleading eyes and turned to the boys.
"Hey guys." He mumbled.
"Interviews in twenty minutes and I have noones hair done. Zayn I did yours at my house, go to Lou, Harry come here," I grabbed some jell and styled his hair messily. "Sexy." I joked, "go see Lou." I ordered. I did the other boys hair quickly and made a few corrections on their shirts and such. "Perfect." I stated, pushing Niall to the door. I started to clean as Paul and Simon walked in.
"Hello maybry." Paul gave me a big smile. While Simon gave me a disapproving look.
"so the boys were late to get to Lou today.... Why is that?" Simon gave me a glare.
"I had to go pick Niall up, his range rover wouldn't start." I lied. Simon gave me a sharp nod.
"Don't let it happen again." He said, walking from the room.
"How are you and Zayn?" Paul asked, I smiled.
"We're great." I said in a confused tone, Paul never talks to me.
"So Niall... He's different now. Sad, blows off work, gets pissed when your mentioned. He loved you. Zayn, zayns not the kind of guy who falls in love, go back to Niall." Paul left the room and I felt myself get punched in the gut, not actually, I closed my eyes and glanced around the empty room. Niall and Zayn came walking in, laughing loudly.
"Uhm Zayn..... We need to talk." I whispered, feeling unsure of what to say. They both stopped laughing and looked at me with mixed emotions. "Niall, can we have a minute please?" I asked, Niall nodded and walked from the room.
"So your breaking up with me?" Zayn asked.
"You don't love me." I whispered, I'm going to try something that I've seen on tv a lot. "Your phone..." I mumbled, his eyes widened.
"I'll stop texting her. I swear. I won't talk to perrie any more." He stated, I felt a rush of pain. 
"I was just going to say its been ringing. But now I'm not sure if we should stay together." I mumbled. Picking up a shirt from the ground, holding In my tears.
"May wait please." Zayn begged I turned to him.
"Zayn can you not see how much your hurt me!?!?!?! Just leave me alone! Stop! Your a aweful boyfriend! You cheated, many times! You don't actually love me! So fuck perrie, or who ever the fuck you want because we are done." I yelled, running my hand through my hair and walking from the room, tears falling from my eyes. I reached my truck and texted Harry.

To: hazza
I quit. The five of you need to leave my life. Don't come to my house, don't text me, don't go to my school, just forget I exist.

I drove home, crying the whole way. I can't believe I did that, I'm not part of their lives anymore and that's good. Great.
I jumped from my truck, locking the door and walking into my house. I closed the door behind me and plugged my phone into the speakers, playing some skrillex and Loud music, to help me calm down.


I checked my messages. I only have one.

From: Hazza
I read the text to the boys and they are all really sad. But we will listen to you. Goodbye may. We love you.


I turned off my phone and started crying again. This is my choice. I can text or call them at anytime to make us friends again. I walked up to my room and ripped the poster off my wall, plugged my iPod into the computer and deleted all of there music. 
Sobbing the entire time.

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