im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


4. Gobsmacked

"Zayn, Louis, this is maybry." Niall introduced. I blushed a deep red and glanced down at my shoes, yet again mentally slapping myself for grabbing the wrong pair.
"Nice to see you again." Liam grinned, Harry chuckled.
"I'm glad your not crying anymore love." Harry stated, giving me a small hug, I hugged him awkwardly with my drink in my hand.
"Hi.." I whispered, completely gobsmacked. They all laughed and Niall toed me over to the couch, where they were all sitting side by side. "Ohmygod. You can all fit on the couch...." I muttered without thinking. They all laughed loudly and Niall pulled me to sit in between him and Zayn.
"Pleasure to meet you." Zayn stated, giving me a small hug.
"Holly shit. I'm hugging my future husband..." I whispered, it's like I have no filter. I can't think before I speak. They all laughed louder this time. Zayn didn't reply but wrapped his arm around me as they played video games.  
*ring* my phone went off and I stood awkwardly and walked to the other end of the room to answer it.
"Hello?" I asked, angry for being taken away from zayns arms.
"Hey! So sorry for missing movie night last night!" Maddy yelled into the phone in a cheery voice.
"Uh ya... I just chilled alone all night." I mumbled, I'm still pissed at her.
"Can I come over? Swaggy saterday?" She joked, when we were 14 we used to hang out on Saturdays an we called them our swaggy Saturdays. 
"I'm actually out... It might be classified as a date but I'm not sure..." I muttered, glancing over at Niall who was in conversation with Zayn.
"Ohh! With who!?" I rolled my eyes
"I'll talk to you lates. Talking on the phone is so rude love. Bye." I ended the call and texted her,

To: maddy :)
Plus. Idk if Im even allowed to tell you who it is...

I slid my phone into my pocket an went to sit back with Zayn an Niall, but someone grabbed my hand and pulled me onto their lap. I glance down and saw Harry giving me a cheeky grin. I giggled.
"Ello love." He muttered, winking at me and wetting his lips.
"It's true... You are quite cheeky." I replied, kissing his cheek and standing.
"HEY! WHERE'S MY KISS!?" Louis yelled, I laughed and kissed his cheek.
"Ooo! Eleanor's gonna be mad!!!" Liam joked, I grinned and walked to him, kissing his cheek.
"Now Danielle's going to be pissed too." I joked, Liam's smile fell and all the boys turned to me.
"They broke up last night." Louis muttered.
"Shit.... I am so sorry!" I muttered, slapping myself in the forehead. "I knew that too! I was stalking you guys all night last night!" I stated, my cheeks soon tuned a deep shade of red and I ran from the room. Why the hell am I such a dumbass. I went into a different hall, running because I'm so embarrassed, I turned to a room and walked in, sitting on the bed. I let the tears flow from my eyes.  Why am I so emotional!? When I got my shit together, I fixed my makeup, an looked around the room. There are pictures of Harry and the boys, Harry and his family, and it's got an orange blazer from there Amsterdam concert, I looked at the floor and saw some of Harry's legging. 
"Hey. There you are." Niall muttered from the doorway. I quickly looked up.
"Sorry. I just feel like a retard...." I muttered
"Why were you crying?" He asked grabbed my hands.
"Because I'm an emotional twat." I muttered under my breath.

"Thanks... Today was amazing... I got one directions numbers for gods sake! My life is made!" I hugged Niall tightly, when I backed away a thought occurred to me. "Niall?" I asked 
"Yes?" He replied
"Why did you ask me out? Y-your waiting for your princess." I mumbled.
"I am waiting for my princess. But how can I ever meet her if I don't put myself out there..." He muttered looking embarrassed, he brushed a piece of hair behind my ear and leaned towards me. My heart stopped. His lips met mine and shivers flew through my body. When we pulled apart my eyes were wide.
"HOLLY SHIT! I JUST KISSED NIALL HORAN!" I yelled, I started jumping up and down and waving my hands around. He chuckled and stopped my hands from waving around.
"May... Are you going to do that everytime I kiss you?" He asked, looking flattered.
"Are you going to kiss me more than once?" I replied cockily. As an answer he leaned down and our lips met again.
"Goodnight love." He muttered, turning and walking away, when he reached the rangerover he turned back to me.
"I'll see you at ten for breakfast... Be ready love!" He blew me a kiss and I nodded, once again I'm gobsmacked.

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