im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


19. Get you out of these clothes

"I'm sorta disappointed Zayn." I mumbled while handing Louis some clothes to try on. Louis took them and walked behind a screen, 
"Why? Because I joined you for lunch?" He seems mad. Louis came out In the clothes and I nodded.
"What do you think?" I asked zayns opinion on Louis new outfit.
"Nice. But I'm sorry? I thought it would be fun." He's such a bullshitter.
"All right Louis, have a seat, ill quickly do your hair and than Lou can do your makeup." They have an interview in an hour and zayns the last person to dress and style. I straddled Louis and gave him a quiff, ignoring Zayns glare, he chuckled as I set a comb on his crotch area and than picked it up.
"Ok. I think his hairs good." Zayn hissed, I rolled my eyes and fixed a few peices.
"Ok Louis, your done. Now go to Lou for makeup, don't fuck up your hair please." He nodded and left, "ight Zayn. Go put these on." I handed him a dark hoodie, a pair of skinny jeans and his cool kids don't dance shirt. He rolled his eyes.
"Don't ignore me." He ordered, glaring softly.
"I need this job. Get dressed and ill talk to you while I do your hair." I stated, Zayn sighed dramatically and undressed infront of me, I want to step forward and press my lips to his, make up and be perfect together but I held myself together and watched as he pulled the jeans up and the shirt on. "Ok. Sit." I ordered, he sat down and like I did with the other four boys I straddled him and started on his hair. 
"So. You and him are what?" Zayn asked.
"Friends. Your my boyfriend, he's my friend." I stated, Zayn smiled and cupped my ass as I worked on his hair.
"Good." He mumbled, starring at me as I focused on his hair.
"There. Done. Send Niall back here please." I stood and kissed him, pushing him to the door. Within two minutes Niall was I  the doorway.
"What's up beautiful?" He smiled,
"Here." I ordered, pointing to the chair, he sat and I grabbed the beanie I forgot to put on him off the table. I positioned it on his head and took a step back to admire my work. "Perfect. Off you go." I shooed him out of the room and tidied up.


"Mmmm" Zayn said from behind me, I spun the chair an raised my eyebrows.
"What?" I laughed.
"Your so damn fit. And beautiful." He smiled and leaned down to kiss me.
"get changed and go home. Ill see you tomorrow but you have a interview really early." I stated, he nodded and obliged, kissing me goodbye. After he left Harry came in and was fighting with Louis over something. 
"Shut up!" Louis quickly changed as I untied Harry's tie that I made him wear.
"I'll kill you!" He yelled as Louis ran from the room.
"Not until I get you out of these clothes." I stated, quickly shutting my mouth, I felt a blush fall onto my face and glanced at Harry. He had his little perverted smile on and winked but didn't say anything. "God damn." I snapped, walking from the room.

I threw the bag of clothes into my closet and stumble to my bed, collapsing onto it and passing out.

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