im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


15. Food fight

I hugged maddy, nick, nigal, and a bunch of other friends goodbye as Colton threw my suitcase into the bed of his truck.
"Bye guys!" I yelled. "Text you all after we land!" I muttered, jumping into Colton's truck, we drove to the airport and went through customs. I ditched him to go buy some magazines.
'Heart throbs from one direction- who's single?' I grinned and grabbed all the ones with the boys on them. I purchased them and bought some gum, chocolate bars, and chips. 
"Got all the shit?" Colton joked when I sat next to him.
"here." I threw him a bag of chips.
"Thanks sis." 

I stepped off the plane and stretched, walking with Colton the through the busy airport.
"Colton!" Some one yelled, we spun to see Austin waving to us. I grinned and ran to him, hugging him tightly. "May! Wow... You've... Uh. Grown up?" He glanced at my chest.
"If by grown up you mean became a sexy beast then yes." I joked. "And. Damn austy. You arnt half bad either." I joked, looking at his abbs that can be seen through his tight shirt. He chuckled and grabbed my suitcase from Colton, they did a bro hug and had a long conversation about stupid crap the entire drive to Austin's house. The only part I paid any attention to was when Austin asked if I had a boyfriend nd colton said 'yes but I probably won't last' I rolled my eyes at them and pulled out my phone, sending Niall a quick ring. He didnt answer so I left a message.
"Hey baby. I miss you like crazy. I just landed in Cali and were on our way to Austin's house... Call me back soon yeah? Love you." I ended the call and dropped my phone into my lap. 
"Sounds like its not going well with your boyfriend eh?" Austin parked the car and I nodded, climbing out.
"He's just distant.." I mumbled.
"Who is he?" Austin asked, Colton grabbed our bags and carried them inside, giving me and Austin time alone. I reached into my purse and pulled out a magazine, pointing to Nialls face.
"Him." I stated, Austin chuckled.
"No really!" He laughed.
"Actually. Look." I flipped to a page of us holding hands outside a nandos
"My may is famous!" Austy laughed.
"Yep." I mumbled, my phone started ringing and I grinned, hoping its Niall. I pulled it out and answers it, not looking at the caller ID.
"Hello?" I asked excitedly.
"Hey." Liam replied.
"Oh.... " I muttered, my excitement fading.
"Ouch. That hurts." Liam joked.
"Sorry li.. I was hoping Niall was calling." I stated
"he's not on the bus. Out eating." Liam explained. "But how's Cali?" He asked.
"Is it sad that you care more about me than niall?" I cried, tears escaping my eyes.
"May. Off the phone. I haven't seen you in years." Austin snapped.
"Li? I have to go... Get Niall to call me when he can... Love you guys!" I hung up and plopped down on a couch.
"Lets go to the beach!" Colton cheered, "you can check out some hot guys to get your mind off Niall!" He joked, throwing my bikini at me, it was in his bag.
"The only hot guy she should be checking out is me!" Austin joked, flexing. I grinned and stood.
"Bathroom?" I asked, Austin flexed and pointed. I giggled and walked to it, slipping into my bikini and checking out how big it makes my boobs look.

"Common! The waters nice!" Austin yelled, him and Colton were throwing a basket ball back and forth, I shook my head and glanced at my phone, Niall still hasn't called. Fuck him. I thought as I jogged down to the water, jumping on Austin's back. I tried to catch the ball but made us fall backwards, on the way back to the surface Austin accidentally grabbed my breast trying to pull me up. When I got to the surface I blushed a deep red and swam to Colton. We continued to pass the football back and forth until the sun set. It's been a good 3hours by the time I got back to the beach towels. I picked up my phone '34 missed calls from: nialler boo<3<3' I wrapped a towel around me and called him back.
"May! I'm sorry I missed your call!" He yelled on the first ring.
"I was swimming with austy and colt." I stated, wringing out my hair and climbing onto Colton's back for the walk home.
"In a bikini? May! He was probably looking at your boobs! Your my girl. Not his!" Harry was right. Niall does get jealous.
"Ni. It's fine... I love you. Not him, not nigal, no one but you." I lied, I love Niall, but I also love Zayn Austin nigal Liam. Oops?
"Good. I have a show in five.. Ill Skype you after? Please?" He begged, 
"Of corse baby. Love you!" I hung up and dropped the phone into my purse as Colton piggybacked me to Austin's house.
"He's jealous of me?" Austin laughed.
"He's a jealous boy." I defended.
"He better be jealous of me. I get you for the entire summer!" He joked in a fake menacing voice.
"So austy. What's a hot guy like you doing single?" I asked, taking the attention off of me, I slid off coltons back as we walked into the house.
"I love this one girl. But she's in a relationship with a piece of shit who is god knows where, and doesn't answer her calls." He looked at me expectantly.
"Austy.." I warned.
"May. You love me way more than some gay Irish kid. Don't lie." I noticed that Colton's not with us in the room anymore, Austin's starring at me expectantly.
"I do love you, but I love Niall aswell. Maybe more. I liked you for years and you choose now, when I have a boyfriend, to like me?" I snapped. "I'm going to bed. It's been a long day." I muttered, turning to walk away.
"Wait. Lets watch a movie until Niall skypes you. I was out of line. I'm sorry." I walked away and got into my pjs an walked back to him.
"Lets do it." I joked grabbing a movie off the counter.
"I wish." He replied, looking at me longingly, he took it the wrong way.

"Hello beautiful." Niall said into the camera.
"Hello Irish boy." I replied, winking.
"Hello niall. I'm Austin. Pleased to Skype you." Austin joked from next to me, I giggled and hit him with a pillow.
"Fuck off Austin." I laughed, pushing him away.
"Hi Austin, take good care of my princess this summer." Niall ordered.
"Oh I plan to!" Austin said in a pervy voice, winking at me.
"Go to hell." Niall snapped.
"Ni. He's just kidding." I tried to calm him. "Austin go." I ordered.
"Sorry." Austin said like a little kid.
"Make me pancakes tomorrow morning and I might just forgive you!" I joked, kicking him out of the guest room.
"I have a surprise for you." Niall stated.
"What?" I asked.
"If I tell you it won't be much of a surprise." He teased.
"I will go fuck Austin if you don't." I joked,
"Finnneeee. We're going to be where your staying in a week. I have passes for you, Austin, and Colton." Niall winked.
"AHHH! Niall! That's great! Ill stay with you for the night then!" I grinned.
"Only the best for my princess!"
"I love you!" The screen went black and I ran to tell Colton and austin that Nialls coming here. Colton and Austin's reaction was similar.
"Cool." Colton mumbled.
"Neat." Austin joked, 
"Both of you better get more excited, austy. He's my boyfriend. You better be polite." I grinned and ran my hand through my hair.
"You going to bed?" Colton asked.
"No! I'm to excited now! I'm going for a jog, ill be on the phone with one of the boys the entire time!" I grabbed my cell and walked from the house, dialing Nialls number.
"what's up?" He asked as he answered.
"Um hi? nialler! I miss your hugs. And kisses!" I whined as I walked down the poorly light street.
"Awe. I misssss me my maybry! All of the boys do! Zayn and Liam more than they should.... But we all miss my baby!" Niall replied.
"Are you tired?" I asked, I  turned to go down a street but saw a sketchy looking guy in the middle of the road so I took a detour down the alley.
"Yes. Are you?" I heard a door slam shut on his side of the call.
"Yes!" I joked
"Zayn! I'm on the phone! Go away!" Niall snapped. I walked into a big body and felt my heart stop, I slipped my phone into my back pocket, keeping it on the line with Niall.
"Sorry." I mumbled, trying to brush past him and keep walking. He laughed and grabbed my forearm.
"Niall! Call Colton! Tell him I need help!" I screamed, I kicked the guy in the balls and felt his grip tighten.
"Who are you yelling to? No one can hear you." He snapped, grabbing my ass and pulling me closer.
"Get off me!" I screamed, he growled something under his breath that I don't quite understand
"MAY?" Colton's voice faintly called in the distance.
"COLTON!!" I screamed, he man pushed my up against a garage door and his hands found my breasts. I heard a group of footsteps in our direction so I screamed again, praying Colton can hear me. I felt myself get hit, twice, three times, four, many times, I slowly lost consciousness.

"Finally!" Austin smiled down at me, his face happy.
"Your ok!" Colton cheered
"I say we chalk that up to luck and never speak of that man again!" Austin cheered. And that's what we did. We never spoke of that night again. Niall promise not to bring it up aswell.


Niall ran off the stage an picked me up, carrying me over his shoulder, when we were back on the stage he set me down on a chair on the platform that goes over the audience, the other boys stepped onto it aswell and I looked at Niall confused.
"Why am I out here?" I asked.
"Because I love you." He replied, sitting me on his lap as we got lifted over the audience.
"as I do you." I kissed him quickly and the crown roared.
"YOU DON'T DESERVE HIM!" A girl yelled, Zayn stood.
"Yes she does. She's perfect, she deserves everything." He yelled, 
"Thank you" I hugged Zayn and sat back down, watching as they sang little things. Niall sang all his parts to me, holding my hands.


"Bye colt, bye austy. See you tomorrow night!" I Stated as Niall and I walked from the car, Nialls lips met mine an I felt him push me through the paps, into the hotel, and up into his room. We had crazy sex, the best ever, and stayed up all night cuddling. The next morning all of the boys and I had a big breakfast and than played video games the entire day.
"Bye Niall... I love you." I kissed him deeply and pressed my hand to his chest.
"I'll see you in October." I muttered, tears in my eyes because its only June. They walked onto the bus,  Niall stayed with me.
"I love you more than anything." He whispered, walking into the bus and leaving me on the sidewalk, waving goodbye as they drove off. The second thy left Austin and Colton pulled up.
"Lets go lets go lets go!" Austin yelled, I let tears fall down my cheeks as we drove off.

"Hey baby! How are you?" Nialls Irish voice sounds drunk.
"I've been better." I mumbled into the phone, trying not to laugh at Colton and Austin's food fight.
"I miss yeh!" He yelled. A handful of mashed potatoes hit my chest.
"DOUCHE!" I yelled at Austin, barely holding in my laughter as I threw a bunch at him.
"Mayyyy?" Niall moaned seeming annoyed.
"I have to go! Ill call you later!" I hung up and ducked Colton's throws. My phone rang again so I grabbed it off the counter and ran into the pantry, closing the door behind me. "Hello?" I answered it, screaming as something hit the glass on the door.
"What are you doing?" Harry snapped.
"I'm sorry Harry. Why are you calling me? And yelling at me? I'm having fun. Sorry?" I rolled my eyes and leaned up against the door.
"Nialls freaking out. He thinks your mad at him." Harry explained.
"Look. I always thought you were a great guy. Now that I know you I want us to get along but you need to leave me and Nialls relationship our relationship. I don't need you to fix it. Give him the phone please." I I felt calm despite my angry voice. I heard shuffling on the other end of the phone and soon Nialls accent filled my ears.
"Your my girl. Please don't forget that." Niall whispered into the phone.
"Your my boyfriend, I love you. I'm trying to stay happy with you so far away but it's tough. I love you." I ended the call before he could say anything and looked for anything chocolate. When I found a pack o mars bars I slunk down and closed my eye. I'm so done with this long distance thing. I need Niall, now.

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