im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


25. Ever felt your heart break?

~a drop in the ocean, a change in the weather, I was praying that you and me might end up together~

"How are you?" Maddy asked, I rolled my eyes and gestured to what I'm wearing.
"How the hell do you think I'm doing. Look at me. I'm not trying, I'm not wearing makeup, my hairs up, I wearing joggers for god sake maddy." I cried, glancing at the ground. "I'm heartbroken, I'm not even sure who broke my heart." I whispered.
"Just text them. It's been two weeks, text Harry and tell him you want your job back." She stated,
"I have a boyfriend. I don't need them." I lied, I do have a boyfriend but I do need them.
"How is Wesley?" Maddy asked, I smiled.
"He's good. We went to dinner last night. It was sweet." I mumbled, smiling. I like that guy, I'm still heartbroken over one direction but I like that guy.
"so your dating your ex boyfriend, who is sexy as hell, and your still broken up about that band?" She laughed jokingly. 
"Yeeeeeee nigga." I whispered, turning to look out the window, a guy with black glasses, and a blonde quiff walked up the stairs. That's Niall. I felt my heart skip a beat and prayed he will walk to me, but he passed us, not even looking at me, he walked to Kirsten , the biggest whore in this place, and she giggled, kissing him. 
Have you even felt your heart break, litterly snap in your chest? Well, it feels like a being shot in the back. 

-maddys POV-
Niall walked into the school and I can tell she still loves him, why couldn't they have lasted? Like me and nick. We're great. He walked past us and kissed Kirsten, I was about to make a comment about whores, when I heard a loud bang, I looked back to may and saw her face go all weird, she fell to the floor and I screamed, 
"Someone call an ambulance!" I yelled, rushing to her side. "She's not moving! Call an ambulance." I yelled, the blood started flowinh from her back, she was shot. I glance over to see Kirsten pull Niall over here.
"Ohmygod. It's maybry. Didnt you and her date?" Kirsten asked, pretending to be innocent.
"Ya. Common lets go." Niall didnt even ask what happened. He doesn't care. He's got a slut to bang. I hope he fucking burns in hell.

-maybrys POV-
I slowly opened my eyes, maddys standing next to me on one side, Colton on the other, and Wesley at the foot of my bed.
"Your awake!" Wesley grinned, walking to my and kissing my quickly. I gave a small smile and closed my eyes, god I'm tired.
"maybry." A Irish anccent yelled, I opened my eyes to see Colton and Wesley pulling Niall from the room, I felt my eyes flutter closed but begged them to stay open. 


"Niall was here." Maddy whispered, Wesley rolled his eyes. Maybe it wasnt a dream.
"And your boyfriends been here all day" Wesley stated, standing and walking to the door. "I have a lecture to go to, I'll be back later baby." He mumbled, leaving.
"What did niall say?" I asked, praying its something good.
"He ran in here all heroic like, and started yelling about how your a faker." She snapped, seeming extremely mad.
"Actually?" I asked, feeling even more broken. "Pass my phone." Maddy picked it up and handed it to me, I went to contacts and called Harry.

"Hello?" He aswered right away.
"Hi, it's uhm..... Maybry." I said sheepishly.
"Maybry!? How are you love? God we miss you!" Harry yelled, I can basically hear his dimples.
"I'm shit. I'm in the hospital because of a gun, and your dear friend Niall burst into my room an called me a faker. Geezus Christ." I snapped, Harry went silent.
"I told all of them not to go around you, to give you space." Harry whispered, I ended the call and closed my eyes. Fuckidy fucking fack.


"May. Wake up." A thick British accent whispered, shaking me. I opened my eyes to see Zayn and Niall on either side of my bed, 
"Where's Wesley?" I asked, I can't let my guard down around these niggers.
"Who's that?" Zayn asked, looking confused, niall was staring at me, like he's memorizing every dot on my face.
"My boyfriend. Where is he? He had a lecture. He should be back." I whispered, mostly to myself.
"Boyfriend?" Niall looked sad.
"You have a girlfriend. That Kirsten skank, she used to ask me how you two were in bed." I laughed, the nurse must have given me a few to many pain killers. "I was shot." I mumbled, laughing.
"I'm single." Zayn stated, smiling, I just laughed and laughed.
"Because your a shit boyfriend." I giggled, Niall chuckled and grabbed my hand.
"We're not dating, I only kissed her to make you jealous." Niall whispered.
"I'm telling Harry that your talking to be. He said not to." I threatened like a little kid threatening to tell there mom.
"Harry's not the boss of me." Niall stated, smiling that beautiful smile.
"It seems like you kiss a lot of girls to make me jealous." I mumbled, "who shot me?" I asked, my eyes closed unwillingly and I felt myself fall back asleep.

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