im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


2. didnt expect that.

"AHH! MADDY! I MET LIAM AND NIALL! IM WEARING HARRYS HOODIE!" i screamed into the phone when i got home, i heard her sigh.

"ya. im sure. i have to go, nicks here...." she sounds tired.

"ya. ok. ill see you later though right?" i remember when we met 10 years ago... promised we would be friends forever. now she has nick, her boyfriend, and im forgotten.

"ya. ill text you when i can." she ended the call and i dropped my phone on the bed next to me. thats the third time shes blown me off for him.... im starting to feel like she doesnt need me anymore.  i let a tear or two escape my eyes, ok. thats a lie. i let a flood escape my eyes. my phone went off and i figured it was her calling to apologize so i didnt look at the id.

"h-hello?" my voice cracked.  

"um... maybry?" an irish accent filled the speaker and i mentally slapped myself.

"speaking, hey niall." i added the last bit sheepishly

"i was going to ask you if you when we could meet to get harrys hoodie back?" i forgot, this isnt a fairy tale... nialls not going to fall for me. there going to take harrys hoodie and we will never speak again.

"uh yeah... ill text you my adress. ill be here all day. stop by whenever." i ened the call and sent him the adress, falling backwards and sobbing into the pillow again.


i answered the door with harrys hoodie in hand, i dont care if they can tell ive been crying. i really dont.

"here." i handed it to harry and held in my screaming, harry styles is at my door. harry. fucking. styles.

"thanks love, can we come in?" he flashed me his dimpled smile and my heart stopped.

"y-you want to.... yeah." i stepped to the side, hiding the smile that spread on my lips as harry and niall entered my house.

"whats wrong?" niall asked as he looked at my red puffy eyes.

"i have no friends that actually care.. my 'bestfriend' just blew me off for her boyfriend...." i started crying half way through my explanation.

"thats rough.." harry muttered, him and niall exchanged a glance. "we- we uh have to go but... it was great meeting you love.." with that they turned and left me alone to drown in my tears.

i shouldnt be surprised, they probably didnt want to seem rude but... i expected them to watch a movie or tell my im beautiful or ask for some tea... not leave. i didnt expect that. i really love them but they dont care, im the lucky fan who got to spend some time with liam and niall, and meet harry. thats it. thats al that will ever happen to me, i know i have to put it that harshly otherwise ill wind up with a broken heart and i suicidal thought or two.


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