im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


14. Cali

"Thanks for driving me gain haz." I muttered as Harry carried me into their house bridal style after picking me up from school.
"No problem. Now remind me, why am I carrying you?" He joked.
"Because I'm too lazy to walk!" I replied. I got set down and took off running to check on Niall.
"Hey Colty." I muttered as I entered Nialls room.
"Hey may." He replied, hitting Nialls shoulder. "Do the right thing mate." Colton mumbled as he left. 
"What's that about?" I asked.
"I got a call. We're leaving tonight." Niall stated, my heart shrank and I ran to him, pressing my lips to his, I don't care if I get ill. I love Niall and he's leaving. 


"I love you. So much." Niall whispers into my lips before he walked through the doorway that I can't pass.
"You too baby." I whispered back.
"Bye may!" The other four boys sang. 
"Buy guys!" I yelled back, Niall kissed me once more and walked through the door, we stood on opposite side of the glass, inches away but unable to touch or hear eachother. He typed something on his screen and looked back at me. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out.

From: nialler boo<3<3
No matter what happens I love you

To: nialler boo<3<3
Nothing's going to happen. I love you too<3

From: nialler boo<3<3
distance changes things.

I looked up from my phone but he was gone. I let a tear slip from my eye and walked out of the airport. What the hell does that mean?!

"So did Niall end things?" Colton asked Suddenly while eating his dinner.
"No of corse not. Why would he?" My heart beat increased, my fears coming back.
"I just thought...... Nevermind." Colton muttered awkwardly. "So get you things ready, tomorrow's your last day of school and were leaving the next morning.." A grin was plastered into his face.
"Yay! We get to see austy!" I cheered, ignoring Colton's eye roll.
"It's too bad your in a relationship, Austin and you would be perfect for eachother." Colton mumbled under his breath, my eyes narrowed an I stood, dumping my dishes in the sink and walking to my room. I pulled out my phone and gave nialler a quick ring.
"Hello?" His accent made my day.
"Hey nialler. I miss you." I muttered.
"May! I miss you too love!" He sounds tired, and sad.
"How are you feeling?" I asked, not wanting I stop talking to him.
"I'm ok. I'm actually extremely tired and I'm going to go to sleep but ill call you in the morning." He ended the call without even letting me say goodbye. What the hell?! I grabbed my lap top and went on twitter, a site that's been forgotten in my time with Niall.
I logged on and the first thing I saw was a tweet from Niall.
'Twit cam! One minute!' I thought he was to tired!? What is up with him?!??? I watched the twit cam, smiling at all the questions about me and Niall.
"Niall here's another one for you. Is maybry your princess?" Liam asked, he had a hard look in his eye. Nialls smile faded slightly but came back as quick as It left.
"Yes." It's only a half hearted answer. I typed a tweet to them.
'Wondering how I'm your princess when your too 'tired' glad your lying to me Niall. Distance does change people.' I sent it and watched Nialls eyes widen.
"Love you?" He asked, looking at the camera. I let a few tears fill my eyes and I typed another tweet. 'I miss you. I see the feelings not mutual. I wanted to talk to you Niall.'  I sighed and felt my phone vibrate, I grabbed it off the pillow next to me and read the text

Give him a chance. He misses you like crazy. He cried on the plane... He's never been in a relationship like this... Don't give up on him.

To: boobear
Ok Lou... I feel like he's pushing me away. 

I put my phone down and looked back at the screen, Niall was gone, Liam's talking and Harry's eating. I guess Niall went to bed, I typed one more tweet 'night you four, night Niall. Love all of you<3'. I laid down and contemplated what Louis said, Niall cried on the plane... He must love me! 
I slowly drifted off, happy.

"What are you doing this summer babe? You on for a paint fight tomorrow?" Maddy asked, we have a trail of little juniors behind us, it's so weird.
"I'm going to cali tomorrow morning. Seeing Austin." I stated. Maddy narrowed her eyes at a boy who stepped on her heel.
"What about Niall!?" She asked, I spun my lock in the combination and pulled it open. 
"I'm still with him. Obvi." I rolled my eyes and grabbed my leather jacket and my last few items, closing the locker and walking the lock to the office. Maddy followed. "I'm just friends with austy." I stated.
"You like loved him." She mumbled.
"How's nick?" I asked, changing the subject. As if on cue nick came running up, he patted my shoulder and hugged me quickly, than kissed maddy.
"See you later at the party?" Nick asked me, he's a good friend sometimes.
Yes. who am I If I don't party?" I joked, signing a few yearbooks. Soon the sea of juniors was gone after the three of us signed their yearbooks. I pulled out my phone and saw that Nialls calling. "Meet you at mine at five to get ready for the party?" I asked them, there's a party for our grade starting at seven and going all night. I'm of corse going to get wasted.
"Kay!" Maddy and nick said at the same time, I waved as they walked away.
"Hey." I answered the phone.
"Hi love. I miss you so much." Niall replied Into the phone, 
"You too babe." I stated as nigal walked up to me,
"Hey may! You going to the party tonight baby?" Nigal yelled, I rolled my eyes as he handed me his yearbook, I handed him mine. I wrote 'sometimes your a good guy and I love being around you, other times you a douche. Love you nigal! -may'
"Who was that!?" Niall asked.
"Nigal. I'm signing his yearbook." I stated, "I'll see you there." I said to nigal as he walked away.
"Your going to a party!?" Niall yelled.
"Year end. Maddy and nick are my dates." I joked, "so how's the tour?" I asked.
"First gigs tonight! I'm really excited!" Niall stated, I stepped outside and jogged to Colton's pick up truck, climbing inside.
"That's exciting babe. I'm going to Cali tomorrow morning." I stated.
"You are!?" Colton started driving and I plugged one ear to hear Niall.
"Yep. Colton surprised me with the trip!" I grinned as I said it.
"I'll Skype you later! I have to go!" Niall said.
"I'll be at the party. Ill just talk to you when i get to Cali tomorrow. Have fun with the show tonight. Love you!" I stated, Niall replied with the standard I love you too and hung up.
"Seems tense." Colton joked.
"I'm no sure anymore. Last night he was so distant." I whined.

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