im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


5. Brunch from hell

I jumped from my bed and threw on a pair of denim high waisted shorts and a baggy batman tshirt, I grabbed my straightener and ran It through my hair, adding a few touches of make up and a necklace. Perfect. I slid down the railing and hugged Colton good morning.
"Where are you off to? Sunday morning brunch? It's our thing may. Don't you dare blow me off." Colton stated, looking grumpy, shit.
"Can Niall join us? Please? You can get to know him!" I begged, giving Colton my puppy dog eyes.
"I already know him. I know everything about him. Thanks to you. But fine he can." I rolled my eyes as Colton referred to the times I shoved useless one direction information down his throat. I jumped up and down with joy and Colton dragged me to the kitchen.
"I'll take pancakes, bacon, and fruit." I muttered, picking my jobs.
"I got eggs, sausages, and the small details." He replied. 

In a short amount of time the door bell rang, I whipped the strawberry blood off my fingers and jogged to the door, opening it to see Niall and Zayn.
"Shit. Uh. Hey. I thought it was just us Niall?" I asked, confused. 
"Zayn made me bring him." Niall explained, leaning in and kissing me quickly.
"Ok. I hope you didn't make reservations... Cause were eating here." I muttered grabbing both of there hands and dragging them towards the kitchen.
"One more." I muttered to Colton, he nodded and added a few more eggs and sausages to the two big pans. I walked to the island and cut up some more fruit.

I sat down after grabbing the orange juice and looked at the faces around me: Colton looks pissed, niall looks uncomfortable, and Zayn looks entertained.
"What did I miss?" I asked, worried.
"Your brother just asked Niall what his intentions are." Zayn whispered, I nearly dropped the jug of OJ
"That's lovely. Would anyone else like some OJ?" I asked, feeling agitated, I fixed Colton with a hard glare and poured Niall some Colton slid his cup over and I poured some into it, fighting the urge to spit in it. "Zayn?" I asked,
He shook his head.
"I'm fine thank you." He used great manners. I sat down and chugged my glad of orange juice, it burned my throat on the way down but I think that's because I brushed my teeth or something. After all of us, except Zayn, had two or three glasses of OJ I realized something. "SHIT! Colton! This is our 'fun' orange juice jug! Half liquor half orange juice!" I yelled, feeling stupid, Zayn started laughing hysterically and Colton and Niall both looked at me.

-10 minutes later-
"Zayn." I whispered pressing my lips to his ear. When I'm drunk I'm clingy and a slut, I'm also happy go lucky.  "You. You wanna uhm.... You wanna go to my room and... And talk" I winked sloppily. Niall and Colton both excanged a look at how much of a lightweight I am, they're just slightly tipsy.
"I have perrie. I'm fine." Zayn muttered, I can tell he wants me. He has a hardon growing in his pants.
"Common. Your my future hubby... Lets make some kids." I murmered, trying to kiss him. He dodged it and I felt myself push away from him. "FINE! Niall...." I grabbed Nialls hand and leaned up against him.
"May..." Niall replied, mimicking my tone. I giggled and stood, dragging him behind me. Colton gave a us a glare as we left the room, Zayn gave me a longing glance. When we were out of the way I tried to reach my hand into Nialls pants. 

"I'm sorry." I muttered as I started to sober up, I'm such a retard. A loser.
"It's fine." Zayn replied, placing a hand on my shoulder. 
"No. I acted like a slut! Please don't stop seeing me Niall." I didn't want to say 'don't break up with me.' Because I don't think we're dating yet.
"I won't. Trust me. This is the funnest breakfast I've ever had." He joked, he leaned down and kissed me quickly.
"Are you going?" I asked, Zayn had pulled his coat on.
"We have thing to do babe. Ill see you later?" Niall stated/asked.
"Yeah." I muttered, kissing him quickly, I gave Zayn a small hug and watched them walk to Nialls car.
I heard a slow clap from behind me and turned around, Colton was laughing his ass off clapping.
"That was great may." He chuckled.
"Fuck off. I can not believe you asked him what his intentions are." I snapped hitting him upside the head. I walked up towards my room and into my bathroom, I jumped in the shower and stood there, letting the water burn my skin.

"May! Liam's here!?" Colton yelled as I finished re-straightening my hair. I quickly walked from my room and slid down the railing.
"What are you doing here?" I asked, not meaning for it to come out so rudely.
"I was just wondering if you wanted to come back to the house and hang with me... I'm really bored, all the other boys are recording." Liam whined. 
"Sure.... An I go get dressed?" I asked, looking down at my pajamas.
"Ya. Ill just wait here?" Liam seems uncomfortable under Colton harsh glare.
I nodded and jogged up to my room, grabbing my shorts and shirt from earlier. When I walked down I caught a bit of there conversation.
"She's with Niall. He's a good guy and your not going to fuck that up. I swear to god." Colton hissed, a slight blush fell onto my cheeks as Liam's eyes caught mine.
"No worries." He replied, "leggo?" He asked, I kissed Colton's cheek and grabbed my phone off the counter. I need shoes. I jogged to the walk in mud closet thing by the door and grabbed a pair of Allstar vans.
"Leggo." I muttered, walking next to Liam.


"Liam! We're home!" Louis yelled as they entered the room.
"Hey." Niall muttered as he caught sight of me.
"Hi." I replied, opening my arms for a hug  , Niall came and hugged me.
"What are you doing here?" He asked when we broke apart.
"Liam was bored and I guess I was supposed to entertain him?" I made it sound like a question.
"Fun." Niall replied, from the corner of my eye I saw him give Liam a death glare and whisper something I couldn't makeout.


I slowly opened my eyes and stretched.
Shit, I passed out at their place.
"I don't fucking care Liam! She's my girlfriend! I never went to Danielle and asked her to come hang out when you were out!" Niall hissed, I froze and pretended to be asleep as the door swung open. Foot steps approached me and a hand touched my cheek, 
"You know how I feel! Niall! I should get a shot with her! I'm the one who bumped into her so we could meet her!" Liam snapped in a hushed volume, my heart stopped, they planned to bump into me!? Liam Payne wanted to meet me!? Why? I'm not that pretty! I'm really not anything special. I felt someone else climb into the bed and lay down.
"Just go Liam. It's late." Niall muttered, I felt arms wrap around me and heard a door close. I inhaled Nialls sent and let myself fall back into a deep sleep.

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