im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


6. Bloody cheat

"Where the fuck were you!?" Colton yelled when I stumbled into the house.
"I passed out." I muttered, my heads still reeling from the information I got last night.
"You could have texted me!" He yelled again
"I was asleep." I muttered, walking past him and going into my room.
"Want some breakfast?" Colton seems like he's trying to keep us close.. 
"I already ate at Nialls.... I'm having a shower and than we could watch a movie or play a game or something." I stated.


I dressed in my pajamas and pulled my hair into a messy bun, applying a small amount of maskera. I jogged to Colton's room and slammed my fist on the door.
"COLTON! HELP! There someone in the house!" I lied, taking a step back as his door flew open. "Jks." I muttered,
"Really maybry!?" He yelled frustrated.
"Lets watch a movie! I've been out of the house a lot these past few days!" I stated.
"Fine. My pick." He ordered, picking me up over his shoulder and running down the stairs to our tv room. By the time he set me down we were both in tears from how much were laughing.
"I'll go make the poop corn." I said jokingly. He nodded and went to pick a movie.
I stated to walk back from the kitchen with a big tray, with two big bowls of popcorn and two huge cups of Pepsi. 
*ding* the fucking door bell. Ugh. Colton's probably not going to get it. I set the tray down and jogged to the door swinging it open. 
"Hey." Arms wrapped around me and an Irish accent filled my ears. Shit. Colons going to kill me if he joins us.
"Go! Nialler you have to leave." I whispered, pushing him towards the door.
"Why?" He seems hurt. 
"I. Uh." I feel like I shouldn't tell Niall it's because of Colton because than he might think Colton doesn't like him and UGH!  "I already have plans for tonight. I'm busy. " I muttered, quickly kissing his cheek and closing the door in his face.
I locked it and grabbed the tray walking to the theater room. I handed Colton his pop and pop corn.
"Who was that?" He asked.
"One of those bible pushers." I lied, pressing play on the remote.


I carelessly scrolled through twitter, retweeting life advice lamp. HOLLY SHIT! I have like three thousand more followers! 
'@maybryknowles I thought you and Niall were dating?' Someone tweets a second ago, I clicked on the attachment an felt my stomach drop. It's a picture I Niall, wearing the exact thing he was wearing when he was at my door just hours ago, kissing a blonde girl with horribly fake extensions. I felt sob escape my lips without warning.
My phone went off and I checked the caller ID 'maddy:)' I answered.
"So your dating Niall..." She muttered.
"I don't think so... Not anymore." I cried, I've never been this heart broken, except for once in ninth grade, when a guy smashed my heart into a million pieces.
"I saw the pictures.... I also got out nerd friends to check and they are from today, and there not photo shopped." She stated sounding sorry for me.
"Ok." I cried, my voice cracking.
"I'll be there in twenty. Mint chocolate chip right love?" She's the best. God I love that girl. It's Sunday night, were going to be tired for school tomorrow.

-school Friday morning.-
I checked my phone, 63 missed calls. I hit delete, ignoring them all. 
"Mrs.knowles?" The hottest teacher in the world called from the other end of the call. I quickly walked over to him, a flirty smile on my lips.
"Mr.mclinly?" I asked in a sarcastic tone.
"I noticed you were not to interested in our lesson today." He stated. "Are you ok?" I ignored the glares from the people squeezing past us in the hall.
"Just relationship troubles! I have to go! I have wescot and he will murder me if Im late." I stated, brushing past him and biting my tongue to keep from crying.

"Maybry?" I glanced up.
"Where are we?" I asked, looking down at my text book.
"Right here." Someone's hand pointed I a line. I quickly read it, ignoring maddy kicking the back of my chair. 
"Maddy." I stated, choosing her to read next. I wonder what Nialls doing right now... I wonder who that girl was? She's prettier than me, that's for sure. I just didnt peg Niall as one to cheat. I never though he would hurt me. The bell rang so I stood grabbing my things and piling them onto my arms. I slowly drifted through the crowded halls, bumping into none other than the guy who broke me in grade nine.
"Hey may." He winked. "You still single babe?" He always acts like this. He grabbed my books and walked to my locker with me, putting them in for me.
"Why do you care? And I'm not sure. It complicated." I muttered, biting my tongue.
"I care because I'm throwing a party tonight, wanna come? You can spend the night." I thought for a second. If me and Niall are over than I shouldn't care. I should go. If we're still together than I need to go with him and not down the night. I know I've ignored him for neary a week now. Not replied to any texts or calls, and the one time he came to my door I got Colton to say I was out with maddy. Maddy says that if me and him do break up I need to date nicks friend Craig. I hate Craig.
"I'll think about it." I stated, giving him a quick hug. 
"Ok. Text me when you decide. Ill save you some vodka." He whispered, kissing my cheek quickly.

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