im not afraid

im 17, short, long blackish brown hair, big emerald eyes, i live for one direction, i never thought i would get the chance to meet those 5 beautiful boys, but i did.


20. 17 missed calls

"UP!" I yelled, at Zayn who refuses to get out of bed.
"Nooooooo." He whined, pulling the blankets over his head.
"Malik. You have an interview in two hours. Get up." I snapped, shaking his arm.
"Five more minutes." He whined, I grinned as I got and idea. I unbuttoned my shirt to show insane cleavage. I stepped onto the bed and sat over him, grabbing his wrists and pinning him, making my boobs inches away from his face.
"Zayn. Please get up baby." I begged, feeling his morning hard on on my thigh. He opened his eyes and they nearly popped out of his head.
"Are you trying to seduce me?" He chuckled, "I don't think it will work. I love sleep." He closed his eyes and I rolled mine, unbuttoning my shirt more to show almost my entire bra.
"Get up." I begged, leaning down and kissing him, he opened his eyes again and grinned.
"Damn your sexy." He stated, trying to kiss me again.
"get up." I whined, running my hand up his abs.
"NOO." He Yelled jokingly.
"Fine. Than I guess I'll go wake Niall up... Ill try the same thing I did with you." I threatened, standing and walking towards zayns door.
"Go ahead. Lemme know how it works for you baby." He mumbled, probably half asleep. I rolled my eyes and walked from his room to Harry's.
"Haz. Up. Now." I snapped, leaving y shirt unbuttoned to piss off Zayn, Harry stretched and got up, grinning at my boobs.
"K. Here are your clothes. No eating in them." I stated, throwing than at him and walking to Nialls room. I tip toed in and walked to his bedside table. "Niall... Baby. Wake up." I said in my hottest voice. He pulled the blankets over his head and I rolled my eyes. Climbing so I'm straddling him. "Niall." I snapped, his eyes opened and a grin appeared on his face. 
"Morning sexy." He said in the sexiest voice over ever heard, the Irish accent mixed with a tired voice.... Damn. His eyes flickered from my chest to my face and back to my chest. "So. How's Zayn?" He asked nervously.
"Asleep. Catch me and you can have me." I stated, I jumped from his bed and ran to zayns room, followed by Niall who stopped chasing me when I crawled into zayns bed with him. 
"Not cool." He snapped, walking away.
"Your clothes are on the counter! No eating in them Niall!" I yelled.
"What did you do?" Zayn asked, kissing my neck.
"I told him if he caught me he could have me." I stated, zayns eyes widened. "Don't worry. I was bullshitting. But if you don't get up than you can never have me..." I stated, Zayn sighed and got out of bed, giving me a fake glare. "Oh you know you love me." I joked walking to him and pressing my lips to him, has hand found its way to my chest. "Haha no." I snapped, throwing his clothes at him and walking away. That's one thing I don't miss about being with Niall, he never pressured me. Zayns not taking it slow and is basically trying to sleep with me every chance he gets. It hurts that he might be just using me....

"How do I look gorgeous?" Niall asked, I narrowed my eyes at him.
"Stop. Stop making me like you Niall. I care for Zayn." I hissed, watching as Niall gave me a wink and fucked up his hair. "NIALL!" I yelled, shoving him, down into a chair. I straddled him and felt his hands clasp over my bum. 
"Caught you." He whispered.
"Hold still." I snapped, fixing his hair and moving his hands off my ass. 




"Night baby." Zayn whispered, pulling my body to his an cupping my boob.
"Zayn. Stop." I snapped, it's Saturday night and Im sleeping at there house. Zayn won't stop trying to get with me.
"Common! You love me. Let me make love to you." I felt tears full my eyes, I'm not ready to sleep with Zayn, but I will.
"Fine." I snapped.

"That was amazing may." Zayn said from next to me, I took a deep breath and pulled the blankets up. I'm disappointed in myself, for sleeping with him. I should have said no. I'm ill of regret. When I did it with Niall the first time I felt happy after, with Zayn it feels wrong.
"I'm actually not feeling good, I'm going to go home..." I muttered, grabbing my clothes off the bed. "I have the day off tomorrow so I'm uh... Going to visit Colton. But I'll see you Monday." I lied, Colton's busy and I'm seeing him next week, I just don't want to be around Zayn right now.
Before he could reply I left the room and walked from the house quickly, walking along the road in the cold rain. Finally I got home and Locked the dead bolt behind me. I picked up my cell and checked the calls. 'Zaynie<3: 17 missed alls and texts' I ignored them and changed into dry clothes, laying on my couch and passing out. 

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