As Long As You Love Me

She was his first love, He was hers. When an offer came along, that he has dreamed about his whole life. He had to let her go. Now while he was breaking records and following his dream, she was struggling with depression and an abusive family. What happens when she runs away from home and finds the boy she never stopped loving?... Find out more. x


1. Prologue...

 I looked at his caramel coloured eyes once more. Taking it all in. This is it. This could be the last time I will see him. Justin says it wont be, and as much as I want to believe that, I can feel that today will be the end of something so beautiful and the start of something new.This could be the last time I get to hold his hand. The last time I get to kiss his lips. The last time I could ever be in his arms. 

I don't want him to go. How can I let someone go, who has changed me so much? How can I let someone I love so much leave? I know this is his dream, and I know I am being selfish, but I just don't think I can. Letting go for me is hard. Especially letting the ones you love the most.  We may be young, but that doesn't mean we don't know what love is. 

I held back my tears. Trying so hard not to cry. Just the thought of knowing that we have to say good bye. His warm soft hands intwined with mine. He kissed my forehead, then flipped his light brown hair out of his face. I gave him a small smile and wrapped my arms around him. My head was placed on his shoulder, so letting a tear not falling from the corner of my eye was difficult. 


" Please don't cry Rach..... Please." He whispered gently. I could hear the shakes in his voice, I knew that he was also trying not to cry. I couldn't help it. I let the tears stroll down my face and on to Justin's shoulder, staining his jacket with my mascara and tears. Knowing that he is off to Atlanta to change the world of music just makes me smile, but to know that I'm not able to go and watch him accomplish his dreams, to not be with him no more, makes me want to break down. Not only did my parents say no, but Scooter said its best if I stay here, because there will be a lot of running around and things to do, which I completely understand. But like I said, I don't want to lose Justin. I don't want him to forget me, and to be quiet honest, I don't want the fame to get to his head and he forgets the people who matter most to him now. This all started as a dream. And now Justin will be flying off to live his dream. I just wish I could be there with him to watch him live something he always talks about. 


" Now Boarding Flight to Atlanta." the announcement informed. 


The person who I don't want to go, nor let go. The person who changed my life in so many ways. The person who can change my mood, just by walking into a room. The person who I love more than life itself was going. I couldn't keep it in. Clear droplets fell from my eyes. I was feeling weak, light headed. An instant heartbreak. My heart was shattering. 


Justin wiped my tears with his thumb. He wrapped his arms around my waist hugging me. I placed my arms around his body. I inhaled his scent. Inhaling all I could. I was crying in his shoulder. Sobbing. I was breathing shorter and choking on my tears. Justin was also crying. But not the way I was. I couldn't speak. We both couldn't speak. All I could do was cry, I couldn't let him go. Our lips crashed. This is the last time I will kiss him. This is the last time I will hold him. The last time  I will be with him.  I felt like the inside of my heart was breaking to pieces. I was beginning to feel like I was losing the other half of me. There was nothing I could do. Nothing I could say. Nothing. 


I looked over at Pattie. Her eyes were filled with tears as she watched us say our good byes. This was the most painful thing for me to do. I didn't want to let go. Im not ready to. He doesn't understand how much I love him. Words cant describe. Im going to miss him so much. Im going to miss everything about him. The way he would stay up all night talking to me on the phone when I wasn't feeling well or upset about something. The way he would do little pranks on me. The cute little things he does for me. The way he would stick up for me to anyone not caring who they are. The weird face expression he does when he doesn't understand something. Im just going to miss him. Just everything about him is perfect. 


" Good.... bye.... Rachel..... Never forget that I love you." I tried to speak, but more tears flowed. 

" I love you Justin." He kissed the top of my hand and my lips again. A tear streamed down his cheek. I didn't want to say the words good bye. I couldn't say it.


He turned his back as he walked towards the door. I ran to the window, watching him walk towards the plane. He saw me watching him from the window, and knowing that he had to leave, he came to see me one last time. All that was separating us, was that window. I placed my hand on the glass. As he did the same. Ours eyes not looking no where but each others. He had to go now. 


Someday.... We will be together.... But not everything you wish for comes true.

Just As Long As He Loves me.

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