Baby Darcy

Katey and Harry have been going out for over 2 years.
What happens if Kateys parents think Harry and is a bad influence
and tell him that she passed away. Will he move on??


11. secret revealed

Harry's P.O.V

I like Jasmine but just not in that kind of way. I drove to Katey's house. I opened her front door with the spare key under the "welcome home" mat. Katey was sitting on the couch eating ice cream. She looked over at me getting up.

"Harry?? what are you doing here?"

"dont move"

"what why?"

my right hand covered her mouth as of the left hand holding her arms back.

"Harry what are you doing!! LET ME GO!!" but it came out as mumbles


my teeth sinked into neck. she screamed uncontrollably. i let her fall to the ground, her neck all bloody. her gasps filled the air.

"yo-your a vampire!!!"

I nodded

"All this time you couldn't even bother to tell me"

"i tried but darcy always distracted me by her cuteness"

"When did you become a vampire"

"after you had Darcy, oh and i forgot to tell you that you are mine"

"What??? im not yours. Jasmine has you."

'Thats the thing, you cant just give me to her! im not a lost puppy thats up for adoption!"

"i-im sorry"

"Katey, i imprinted you"

"whats that?"

"When a vampire bites you, you are theres. Whatever you feel, i feel. I imprinted you, so you have to do what i say and i have to do the same for you."



I sped out of her house to the abandoned motel where the other vampires were.





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