Baby Darcy

Katey and Harry have been going out for over 2 years.
What happens if Kateys parents think Harry and is a bad influence
and tell him that she passed away. Will he move on??


9. giving up what i needed the most

Kateys P.O.V

"Miss Katey, you are allowed to leave the hospital today" The doctor said

"Thank you"

I slipped on my brand new clothes my cousin Jasmine brought from home. Jasmine always had a crush on Harry and Zayn. She would always bring up Harry at times when we are talking about random stuff. I always told her she couldnt have Harry because he is mine. But thats going to change right now.

I picked up my white iphone typing in Jasmine's number in.

"Hello?" Jasmine asked

"hey Jazz, whats up?"

"Nothing much, just sitting on the couch watching tv what about you?"

"Im leaving the hospital right now"

"cool, so why did you call"

"Oh yea, you can have Harry" i said unsure

"REALLY!! YAY! i'll call him so we can have some fun"

i tensed up a bit when she said fun

"I have to go, seeya"


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