Baby Darcy

Katey and Harry have been going out for over 2 years.
What happens if Kateys parents think Harry and is a bad influence
and tell him that she passed away. Will he move on??


6. chapter 6

Katey's P.O.V

Its all my fault.

I got in my car and buckled up Darcy. I strated to drive home till i saw bright lights flashed in my eyes. A huge truck beeped loudly hitting the side of my car flipping. The car stopped rolling. I looked to behind to see Darcy's bucked ripped. darcy was lying on the car floor with blood dripping from her forehead, it was everywhere.Tears streamed down my face as i saw my precious daughter lying on the floor. Black dots covered my vision then i blacked out.


Harry's P.O.V

After that argument. I went to my room. My phone suddenly went off

"WHAT!" i said annoyed

"Harry!!! Katey and Darcy are in the hospital!!" Louis yelled


" dont have time! just get to the hospital now!"

I grabbed my keys and made a break for it.I got to Logan hospital and jogged to the administrator.

"Im looking for Katey and Darcy"

"oh yes. room 412"

"thank you"

I ran to room 412 to see Katey lying on a hosptial bed helplessly.

"Katey......." i whipered faintly

no answer

Darcy! where is Darcy i thought

I ran out to find Darcy, i saw a hospital bed with a baby on it. I took of the white sheet the reveal a bruised Darcy. 

"NOOO!!!!!!!" i yelled

"Please step away" a doctor said


doctors took me away.

i love you Darcy i said quietly


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