Baby Darcy

Katey and Harry have been going out for over 2 years.
What happens if Kateys parents think Harry and is a bad influence
and tell him that she passed away. Will he move on??


3. chapter 3

Harry's P.O.V

I couldnt't believe she was still alive. i knew deep down that she was still alive. I still love her. Ashley is just the rebound girl!

"babe, what are you thinking" Ashley asked 

"im thinking, that you should get out" i yelled

"what?! when you find out she is alive, you are dumping me!?!"

"i never loved you, she is one i love the most"

"NO! babe please! i love you! i did everything you said for me to do! i even looked after Darcy!!"

"im sorry, but just leave!!"

"FINE! but you will want me back someday!!"

she ran out the door slamming it loudly.i need Katey back and Darcy


Sorry it is short xoxox if you want to be in this story leave your name and who you want to date out of 1d in the comment section below xoxoxo luv ya guys!!



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