Baby Darcy

Katey and Harry have been going out for over 2 years.
What happens if Kateys parents think Harry and is a bad influence
and tell him that she passed away. Will he move on??


2. Chapter 2

Harrys P.O.V

I can't believe it. The love of my life has passed away. What about Darcy. One day she will ask me where is her mummy.

My phone went off, It was Ashley. She is my ex-girlfriend. It didnt go so well. She is to pushy. I picked it up

"Hello?" I said

"Hey Harry. I was wondering if you could meet me at starbucks" She said hopingly

"sorry, I have to look after my daughter"


"Yup. Bye'"

I hung up. Then the doorbell rung. OMG today is a busy day!!

I opened it to see.......Ashley.

"What!" I said coldly

'you have a daughter" She said hoping that i was messing with her

"Yes i do. Is that all you wanted to say."

"No. I want us to get back together"

"why?? I love someone else"

"I promise to be kind and everything you want in a girl"

"i will give you 1 more chance"

"thankyou thankyou thankyou. I will treat Darcy like she is my own daughter"


1 month later Kateys P.O.V

Its been a month already. I have to get out of here. I grabbed my big gym bag and stuffed all my things. I jumped out of my room and got into my pink Honda car. I drove to Harry's house hoping he did not move on from me.

I walked opened the door. it was unlocked. I went up to Darcy's room and saw she was standing up alone in her crib.

"MUMMY!!" she yelled opening her arms for a hug

"DARC" i said happily running to her giving her a bear hug

"Mummy, daddy has a girl in her room"


I picked her up and walked to Harry's room. I opened the door to see Harry taking off Ashley's shirt.

"Harry" I whispered  tears streaming down my face

He turned around surprised.

"Katey?? is that you??" He said walking towards me cupping my face with his big hands

"DONT TOUCH ME!" I screamed smacking his hands of my face

"I dont understand"

"why is she here!!!"

"sh-she is my girlfriend"

I walked out of the room taking darcy with me into her room locking her door and packing all of her stuff into my bag.

"babe please open the door" Harry whispered


"Please let me explain"

"NO!! GO AWAY!!"

"babe this is my house"

I packed all of Darcy's stuff and grabbed Darcy.

"Darcy say bye to your Dad" I said to darcy

"Bye Daddy"

Darcy hugged Harry.

"hey what about me. Doesn't mummy get a hug?" Ashley said opening her arms

"You not my mummy. you never were. I never like you anyway" Darcy said angrily

I looked over at Ashley. She looked ashamed.

I laughed a bit and took Darcy with me


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