Kiss Me: Sequel to TGND a H.S. Love Story

Okay guys, so this is the sequel to The Girl Next Door! Hope you like it! If you read this you get to figure out Eleanor's answer to Louis' important question in The Girl Next Door, what's going on with the other boys and their girlfriends, and a BIG surprise for Harry and Beka. But I won't say anymore than that, so if you wanna know, READ IT!! Love you guys! <3 :)


3. Chapter 3 Cuddles

*Beka’s POV*

“So, babe, I have a surprise for you.” Harry said, as we walked into the house. Liam and Dustie went to his apartment, Zayn took Sara to his apartment, and Niall is taking Lisa to Ireland to visit with his family, so it was just gonna be me and Harry… and my mom, though she was asleep.

“Oh yeah, and what’s that?”

“We’ve got the year off, so we can work on the new album, so I get to spend the whole year with you!”

“Harry! That’s amazing!” I said, jumping into his arms. “Now, I’m gonna go change out of this dress, so you go home and change from your tux, then meet me back here and we’ll watch movies.”

“You really like having movie nights don’t you?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.” I smiled, turning to walk up the stairs.

“You really do look amazing in that dress babe.” Harry said. I turned around to see him smirk just before he closed the front door. I went up to my room and got changed: I made it to the bottom step just as the doorbell rang. I went and opened the door, revealing Harry in his pj’s. “Nice pajamas, love.” He said, smirking.

“Why thank you.” I smiled. We popped some popcorn, got some soda, picked out some movies, and cuddled on the couch as the first on began. I really loved this, having Harry with me so often, it really was hard with him on tour. I had the girls, and we all helped each other get through it, but still, all that time I wanted it to be Harry that hugged me, I wanted it to be Harry a curled up to at night instead of an extra pillow I stole from my mom.


*Harry’s POV*

I glanced down at Beka for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight, to find her sound asleep. Her mouth was open slightly, letting soft, light breathes escape, her beautiful blue eyes, hidden behind her eyelids, her hair resting on her shoulder, covering her face. I pushed the hair out of her face and watched her for a while. She was so beautiful, how did I get so lucky? In this moment, I knew, I didn’t want anyone else, she was it. She was the only one I ever wanted to be with for the rest of my life. I smiled to myself and kissed her forehead, her lips turning into a small smile. I turned off the movie and stood up, laying her head gently on a pillow before cleaning up a bit, putting all of the dished we used into the kitchen sink and throwing away all of the Dr. Pepper cans. After I finished I went back to the living room and put one arm under her knees and the other under her back, lifting her up. She cuddled into my chest, letting out a soft whimper as I carried her to her room. I laid her down in the bed, then got in myself, and pulled the covers over us, pulling her body into mine. “Goodnight, love.” I whispered, falling into a deep sleep.

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