Kiss Me: Sequel to TGND a H.S. Love Story

Okay guys, so this is the sequel to The Girl Next Door! Hope you like it! If you read this you get to figure out Eleanor's answer to Louis' important question in The Girl Next Door, what's going on with the other boys and their girlfriends, and a BIG surprise for Harry and Beka. But I won't say anymore than that, so if you wanna know, READ IT!! Love you guys! <3 :)


1. Chapter 1 Wedding Day

8 months later

Eleanor looked beautiful. The bridesmaid’s dresses the other girls and I were wearing were pretty awesome too. I peeked out into the sanctuary, Louis looked very nice, but I could tell he was nervous. Louis made Harry his best man, and El made me her maid of honor, which was nice because that meant that Harry and I could walk down the aisle together. We didn’t ask them to make it that way, that’s just how it worked out. I closed the door and got in line and the music started. We walked in this order: Lisa and Niall, Sara and Zayn, Dustie and Liam, Harry and me, the ring bearer, Louis little twin sisters as the flower girls, and then Eleanor and her dad. It was amazing the way Louis’ face lit up when he saw her, all he could do was smile and I thought he was gonna be stuck that way. As soon as El got up to the alter, and her father gave her away, Louis took her hand and they stood, facing each other as the priest preformed the ceremony. They didn’t even really appear to be paying attention, just staring at each other; having a conversation with their eyes; and smiling. The paused their silent conversation to repeat after the priest and say their “I do’s.” It was beautiful, they really were meant for each other. I glanced over at Harry to see him staring at me, half smiling, and half smirking. I smiled at him knowing he was thinking the same as me, that we wanted to be in El and Louis’ place one day. We went to a space about five miles from the church for the reception. El and Louis came through the door and had their first dance, and then the girls and I took El to a room so she could change from her wedding dress to a dress more comfortable to dance and party in: “El, you look so beautiful in that dress.” I said, as we entered the room.

“Thanks, but I seriously thought I was going to pass out, I was so nervous.” She said, laughing.

“Well, you didn’t look nervous, and you and Lou were so cute up there, having your own little conversation; don’t think we didn’t see that.” Sara smirked.

Eleanor blushed and we laughed, we got her changed and helped her fix up her hair and make-up then left the room. When we came back into the reception area, I immediately felt two arms wrap around my waist; knowing it was Harry, I leaned into him and smiled. “You look beautiful, love.” He said, kissing my cheek.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” I smiled, turning my head to kiss his lips.

“So your mum let me in on a little secret.”

“Oh, yeah, and what would that secret be?”

“That your birthday is July 12th.”

I groaned. “And why did my mother tell you that?”

“Because I asked her, that’s why. Why didn’t you tell me when your birthday was?”

“Because I didn’t want you to make a big deal about it; and plus you were on tour, so I didn’t want to bother you, and it never came up.”

“Whoever said I was going to make a big deal about it?”

“Harry, knowing you, you’d probably fly me off to some island; which, by the way, isn’t necessary, so don’t even think about it.”

“Ya, ya, ya; just know that you’re still getting a surprise and there’s no arguments about it.”

“Harry…” I groaned, rolling my eyes.

“Didn’t you hear me? No arguments.”

“Whatever, c’mon, they’re about to throw the garter and bouquet.” I said, pulling him to the dance floor, getting into the group of girls as he got in with the boys.  Call it a freaky coincidence, but I caught the bouquet and Harry caught the garter. Then, they cut the cake, which was beautiful: After a while I went over to El to talk to her about their honeymoon. “So, where are you two going?” I asked, sipping my punch.

“I don’t know, he hasn’t told me a thing, just that my bags are already packed and that it’s a surprise.” She said, looking at him and giving him a playful glare.

“Hey, c’mon now, I want it to be really special so this is what you get. At least it’s a surprise from me.” Louis said, shrugging his shoulders.

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better?” She asked, giving him a playful smirk.

“Ya, ya, whatever, poke your fun, but you’re gonna be really sorry when you see where we’re going.”  He said, poking her cheek.

“Hey, Beka, I think someone wants you.” El said, nodding her head behind me. I turned and saw Harry looking at me, smirking. I smiled and turned back to them.

“I guess so, congratulation you guys, love you.” I said, giving them each a hug.

“Love you too.” They called as I walked toward Harry.

“Hey.” I said.

“Hey, love.” He took a deep breath, looking me over. I began to feel a little insecure and wrapped my arms around my torso. Harry took my hands in his and brought them to his lips. “You really do look beautiful, Beka.” I blushed and looked down, trying to hide my now red cheeks. Harry used his forefinger to lift my chin so my blue eyes met his forest green ones. We stayed like that for a few seconds and then he brought his lips to mine in a sweet, passionate kiss. “You really don’t know how amazingly beautiful you are, do you?” He said after we broke away. I tried to look down to hide my burning cheeks, but he cupped his hands on either side of my face, not allowing me to avert my gaze from his. “Let’s go dance.” He took my hand and dragged me to the dance floor.

“Harry, I can’t dance, I’m no good at it.” I said, standing there awkwardly.

“Neither can I. C’mon, love, we can be failures together!” I just laughed at him and tried, but failing miserably; that is until a slow song finally came on.  Harry grabbed my hand and pulled my body to his. He put the other on my waist and I put my other free hand on his shoulder. We swayed back and forth to the song, staring into each others eyes, for a few seconds before I finally realized what song was playing, ‘Kiss Me’ by Ed Sheeran.

“Okay, this is officially our song.” I said.

“I agree.” He said, kissing me lightly.

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