I'm Not Just Some Girl

When Madison, an average American girl, finally fulfills her dreams of moving to England she can't get enough of it! She is happier then she'seven been in her life! That is, until a boy by the name Harold Styles runs into her, literary. After meeting him, her life will never be quite the same.


1. The Move

The tribulation of the plane caught me by surprise and I quickly turned the music that was playing in my ear buds off. With one glance out the small window that the plane allowed, I could see the beautifulstreets of Englandbelow us and I felt my stomach erupt with butterflies. How long have I waited to be here? Way too long for my likings. I was still watching the view when the airport was below us.


"Madison?" my mom says beside me.


"Yeah?" I ask facing her. She looks at me for no more then two seconds before bursting out into a fit of laughter. I look at her funny and feel embarrassment bubble up.


"What? Do I have something on my face?" I run my hand over my face and even take off my glasses to check for eyelashes.


"Are you excited, Maddie?" she says through laughs.


 "Yes," I draw out. "Why?"


 "Maybe because of the silly grin on your face!" my, oh so very helpful sister Celeste, chimes in from in front of us.


 I just smiled bigger to annoy her. "You're joking, right? Did you see out there? It's awesome! I can't wait to try the food and see the stores and, oh golly, the accents!" I gasp. I can't help it, I'm a huge sucker for accents. People think I have one because I'm from America, the southern states, but when that's all you ever hear, other forms of talking get you excited.

That earned a huge new wave of laughter from both of them and also my brother and father.  As the plane landed and we were allowed to leave, I ran to every window that the walkway had and would gawk at it until I had to walk again.  Honestly, this is the most excited I've been in my entire life.  Seriously.


We made our way outside, after gathering our bags and three cats, and were met with the cold breeze of the up coming fall.  I wrapped my jacket closer to me and hugged myself with my free arm.

"Still loving this place, Maddie?" Celeste teases.

"Extremely," I smirk.  She rolls her eyes and I smile to myself, triumphantly.

All five of us pile into our car, which will be my car once I can drive in September, and release a sigh of relief.  "I love this car," I say quietly.

"Well, it looks like you may have to find a new one," Dad says.

That's the only problem.  In England, people drive with the wheel on the other side of the car.  Dang, that's weird.

"Maybe I can have it altered to where it's backwards?" I half-joke.

"Yeah, right," Danny, my brother chimes in.

"Whatever," I shake my head.

As I look out the window, I feel the smile come back to me, full force.  No matter what anyone says or does, nothing will ruin this for me.

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