I'm Not Just Some Girl

When Madison, an average American girl, finally fulfills her dreams of moving to England she can't get enough of it! She is happier then she'seven been in her life! That is, until a boy by the name Harold Styles runs into her, literary. After meeting him, her life will never be quite the same.


2. Getting Settled In

My new room is huge!  I have a second level room, one that is like an attic room with the curved ceiling and little room that leads to an extra storage room.  There's a window that opens to a blacany that looks like one from a movie.  It has the railing with old engraving carved into it and the posts holding it up, ivy growing up a criss-crossed grid that reaches all the way up to the roof, and it over looks the back yard, which has a city view but is far enough to where you can't hear the noise of the cars or people, only see the beautiful lights at night and the unbelievable skyscrapers during the day.

The first thing I unpack is my music player.  I hook my phone up to it and blast 'Radioactive' by Imagine Dragons through it.  I sing along to it as I hang up my clothes in my cloest.  It wasn't until I was into my third song that I remembered to shut my door.

I turned to do just that when I saw my sister standing there, a moking smile plastered across her face.

"Do you need something?" I ask as I turn the music down.

"This was in my room," she says laying a box with my name on it at the doorway.

"Okay," I say and start to close the door.

"Hey, Madison," she says, as a second thought.  "We're in England, maybe you'll met that band you in love with.  What was it?  One Direction?"

I scowl at her.  "I have never said I was in love with them.  I just like their songs."

"Uh huh," she smirks and walks down the hall.

I roll my eyesw while shutting the door.  In all honesty, I would love to meet them.  But, like I would tell Celeste, or anyone, that.


My covers start to slip from me and I pull them back up to my chin.   The warmth is so inviting that I never want to get up.  As I drift back to sleep, a thought comes to mind.  'You're going to miss your coffee.'  With that, I somehow manage to sit up and put on my glasses.  That's one thing I will never miss.  If I'm late for it in the mornings, my parents will drink it all.

I slowly make my way down stairs, leaning on the railing so that it doesn't take as much energy, and drag myself into the kitchen to find my mom grinding the coffee beans.

"You're up early," she says.

"Morning," I groan.

She smiles at my half-asleep face and I slide up on the bar.  "What are we doing today?" I ask.

"I figured we'd continue to unpack," she replies.

This earns another groan from me and I give her puppy eyes.  "Can we go somewhere?" I whine.

"Where would we go?" she raises an eyebrow.

I shrug.  "I don't know.  That's why we need to!   So that we get to know the place."

She rolls her eyes.  "You just want to hear them talk."

I smile at her, "That's just a bonus."

Everyone in my family knows I'm basicly obsessed with british anything.  I don't know why, but it sparks my interest a lot.

"Can we at least have breakfast first?" she asks.

"You think I would miss a meal?" I question.

That's another thing, I would never miss anytime to eat.  It's just to fun.

I fill my cup with the steamy black goodness and add milk and sugar to it.  After it's all stired up, I go out and sit in the rocking porch swing we have.  I sip the hot liquid as the cold summer air nips at my nose.  "Better warm up fast," I grumble to myself.

With the second glass down, I start to get ready for the day.

Coming back down the stairs, I find my dad looking through the boxes marked Clothes.  "Hey," I say.

"Have you seen my socks?" he asks.

I shake my head and he continues his search.

"So," I draw out.  "I was thinking we could check this place out."  I hand him a paper I printed off the internet.  "It's like a city directory.  You can see every place here and what it is.  I figured we'd start there and then find somthing cool to do."

He glances over it, then looks at me over his glasses.  "I wasn't aware we were going anywhere today."

"Of course we are!"  Why does everyone want to stay home?  "We just got here, and only know where the Wal-Mart is."

He sets the paper down and looks at me.

"Did your mom say that this was okay?"

"Yes," I answer.

He sighs.  "Fine, I guess since it's the beginning of summer we can move in later."

I smile big and resitst the urge to bounce in my spot.  "Can I drive?"

"No," he states simply.

I shrug.  At least I get out and into the world.

After nagging my brother and sister to hurry up we finally got into the car and set off.  I was pretty much glued to the window the entire time.  I was so engrossed in watching the building go by, I didn't hear my dad saying my name.

Celeste hit my arm.

"Ow!" I yelped, holding the spot she slapped.  "What?"

"Did you hear a word I said?" Dad asked.

"Yeah," I said slowly.  "No."

He sighed and and watched the road.  "Where are you wanting to go?" he asked.

"Um," I had to think.  Where do I want to go?

"The mall!" Celese chimed in.

Danny groaned.

I shrugged.  "I could go to the mall."

"Alright," Dad said and started checking the way there with Mom.

By the time we got there, I was bouncing my leg excitedly.

We walked through the doors and were met with the chatter of accents.  There was a grin stuck on my face as the sounds met my ears.  I don't think I'll ever stop smiling here.


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