Give Into Me

Carson Reed, was 17 years old when she won the X-Factor a year and half ago, and became one of the most popular female singers in the world. She thought she had everything figured out. She was famous, could have anything or anyone, a career that happens only in movies, and a wonderful support team. Everything in her life was perfect. That was, until an unknown boy band was assigned to open for her tour in London. Everything changed. Her life was turned upside, and she had to make choices that no one at her age should ever have to make. She formed unexpected friendships, and bonds that couldn't be broken.


4. 4. Not All Boy-Bands Are Bad


                I walked in the living area and saw the rest of One Direction spread out on the floor and one of the couches. Harry and Louis were sat on the couch, while Liam and Zayn was on the floor. Beside Louis sat a guitar, and I instantly wondered what we were going to be doing. “Hey guys.” I waved at them.

“Our majesty!” Louis jumped of the couch and bowed, and soon the others followed suit. Niall and I laughed.

“Sit down you shits.” Niall told them laughing, and pushing Louis back on the couch with Harry. “Here, you can sit on the other couch with me.” He said taking my hand and pulling me on the couch, and picking up the guitar.

“So since you said you didn’t listen to our music on your own, we thought we’d make you!” Harry said excitedly. “What would you like to hear?”

“Uhm, sing me your favorite songs from your albums?” I suggested with a shrug.

“Okay. Niall you go first, and then we’ll work our way through us all.” Niall nodded and started strumming a few cords on the guitar.

The sound was very pretty. Something I could see myself  more than likely singing, also. “It’s from the first album.” He said, as Harry started singing.


I'm broken, do you hear me?

I'm blinded, cause you are everything I see

I'm dancing alone

I'm praying that your heart will just turn around


And as I walk up to your door

My head turns to face the floor

Cause I can't look you in the eyes and say,”


To say he had a good voice is an understatement. It was beautiful. He put so much emotion in it; you could tell that it really meant something to him. It was like nothing I’ve ever heard. Yes, the other bands I listen to put emotion into their singing, but this was amazing. I am strarstruck. The rest of them joined in after he said ‘say’.

When he opens his arms

And holds you close tonight

it just won't feel right

Cause I can’t love you more than this, yeah

When he lays you down

I might just die inside

it just don't feel right

Cause I can’t love you more than this,

Can’t love you more than this.” 


                They all harmonized their voice together wonderfully. The sounded amazing; most of the time in boy-bands, only one can sing, but that wasn’t the case in this particular situation. They sounded truly wonderful.


If I'm louder

would you see me?

would you lay down

in my arms

and rescue me?

Cause we are the same,

you save me.

When you leave it's gone again.”


Yes, Harry’s voice was amazing. But Niall’s was beautiful and rich, and he also put a lot of emotion in it. I could listen to him all day. Why had I never listened to them sing before? They were amazing. And Niall’s voice just made me want to do things with that pretty little mouth of his. See how wonderful it was with other activates, if you know what I mean. I was in love with his voice. And he played the guitar amazingly. It was beautiful also, and the things he could do with those hands? I had no doubt they would work wonders on certain places.


“And then I see you on the street.

In his arms, I get weak.

My body feels I'm on my knees.


Louis’ voice was raspy and sexy, I love it. That’s all there is to say. They finished the song, and I could honestly say I would be downloading their songs. I loved them, and they sang wonderful live, and were all in sync. They were wonderful.

“You look like you’re in shock?” asked Zayn, with a smirk.

“Well. I just wasn’t expecting you to sound so good honestly. You all can sing. Most of the time in boy-bands only one can sing; all of you can sing.” I guess I was in some sort of shock. They all laughed and nodded.

“Well thank you, I think. But it’s usually what is supposed to happen, all of us being able to sing I mean.” Harry said getting up and stretching. “Do any of you want something to eat or drink? I’m gonna order room service.” Everyone said what they wanted and he called and ordered.

“Can I see that?” I asked Niall motioning towards his guitar.

“Yeah, sure.”  I started plucking G string and humming. If I had Robb or Ed go get my guitar from the bus, he could teach me the song and we could possibly do it together at one of the concerts.

“I think I’m going to call Ed and ask him to bring me up my guitar. I’d really like to learn that song, if you don’t mind teaching it to me?”

“Oh, that’s fine. I’d love to teach it to ya!” Niall said excitedly. I got up and went to the kitchen to call Ed.




                About an hour and half later I had learned the whole song on my guitar, and had attempted to teach Niall ‘Annabelle’ by A Rocket To The Moon. He had learned the first few cords, when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll be right back.” Harry said.

“Why do you have all these lyrics on your guitar?” Niall asked me reading some of the lyrics.

“Well, when I hear a song and I think the lyrics have a meaning, or give advice, or remind me of something or anything like that, I add it to my guitar. I’ve had this guitar for as long as I can remember. It was my first guitar, but I just started doing the lyric thing about two or three years ago.”

“That’s really cool.” He said eyeing the guitar.

“Hey, Carson Robb is here, he needs to talk to you.” Harry said coming back into the living area.

“I’ll be right back.” I told Niall. As I walked to the door I saw Zayn punch Niall, and smirking which is damn near weird.

                I walked out of the hotel room and into the hall, where Robb stood looking at his phone. “Hey, what’s up?” he looked up from his phone, and slid it into his pocket, with a weird face. “What’s wrong?”

“Ex-wife is being a bitch; the usual. But anyway, Angie won’t be here until tomorrow sometime. She’s at the airport right now. She just wanted me to tell you.”

“Dammit, you scared the shit outta me with that look on your face. But thank you for telling me.” He chuckled and said he was sorry and that he was going back down to the bus if I needed anything else to just call or text him.

“I will, goodnight.” I walked back into the room and saw the boys standing over Niall’s shoulder, looking at my guitar. “What are you guys doing?”

“This is amazing.” Liam said.

“Thank you.” I said, sitting down on the couch looking at the lyrics also.

“Oh! I know that one.” Harry said. “Nobody said it was easy, No one said it was this hard. That’s Coldplay. I love them.” I nodded and smiled at him.

“Oh, do you guys have a marker or know where one is?” I asked, remembering that I wanted to write a few lyrics to a Memphis May Fire song.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure there was one in the desk in my room.” Niall said handing me the guitar, and getting up to go to his room.

“What are they on here for?” Louis asked. “Do they have a meaning to you, or something?”

“Yeah, I write them when I think they have meaning to my life, or if it’s like advice, and reminds me something.” I said running my fingers over the words written in black.

“Some of them make no damn sense to me. But if they flow your boat, then so be it.” Louis said shaking his head.

“It’d probably take too long for you to understand, so I’m not going to try to.” I said with a slight smile.

“Here ya go.” Niall said handing me a black Sharpie.  I looked over the guitar for an open spot, to add the lyrics. “Whatcha gonna write?”

“Well, it’s actually a verse. But it’s called ‘Miles Away’ by Memphis May Fire, and Kellin Quinn. ‘How am I supposed to be everything they expect me to be? When I feel so alone, cause I left my heart at home. She needs me, but I know they need me too.  So god give me the strength to do, what you created me to do.’” I said to them smiling.

“I love that. Who’s the ‘she’ it’s for?” Harry asked.

“Uhm, my girlfriend, duh.” I said with a straight face, as they all just stared at me.

“Oh, I uh, we didn’t realize you were, a erm, lesbian.” Liam said rubbing the back of his neck. I decided I couldn’t hold it in anymore, and died laughing. I was clutching my stomach and wiping tears away from eyes.

“I’m kidding, guys. Your faces were hilarious though. It’s about my sisters and my mom mostly. Lighten up.” I said smiling.

“That was a very odd joke, but easy to believe. Attractive girls always are.” Louis said. He just called me attractive, well I’ll be damned.

“Thanks, I guess.” I said, with a laugh.

“So how many sisters do you have, and why is this about them?” Louis asked. I don’t really wanna get into the whole my mom is an addict thing, so I don’t really know what to say. You know, I think I like Louis, he just gets to the point, I think I like that. But he’s also sort of arrogant.

“I have four sisters, but I was talking about three of them. I have two younger sisters; they’re twins, Annabelle and Arianna. They’re turning fifteen in a couple weeks. They are huge fans of yours, which I just learned. Then I have an older sister, Emma, she has two kids, Jack and Sabrina. We’re all really close. They live in L.A. in my house, with my mother who recently just moved back in. I have another sister, Melanie; she has two kids also, and lives somewhere. We only get the occasional holiday card, stuff like that, we don’t talk much. But my mom wasn’t around my sisters or me very much when we were younger. So we all grew really close, and being away from them these past few years has been really hard on all of us. I really relate to the lyrics.” I said, grabbing my Coke and not looking at any of them.

“Oh, I see.” Niall said nodding. “So, who taught you to play guitar?” he asked changing the subject, which I was very thankful for.

“I taught myself.” I said with a proud smile, as they looked at me shocked.

“Seriously? I’ve tried a million times, but I never can. I just get too frustrated.” Harry said.

“That’s amazing. I could never have taught myself.” Niall said with a smile, and admiration in his eyes.

“Yep, no one knew how so when I was at school and had a free time, I would look up videos, and learn the chords.” I said strumming a few chords.

“That’s really neat.” Niall smiled.

“Yeah, it really is Carson. I think I’m gonna head off to bed, though. So goodnight.” Zayn said with a wave, and headed to his room.

“Yeah, I think so too. It was really nice getting to spend some time with you, and getting to know you.” Liam said smiling.

“You too. Goodnight.” I smiled.

“Since those two goons went to bed, and you two are playing the guitars, Harry and I are gonna head off to our room.” Louis said.

“All right, g’night lads.” Niall said. I said goodnight to them both. “Since Zayn, and Liam are both trying to go to bed do you mind if we went to your room, if you still wanna try to teach me?” he asked.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I smiled, getting up to gather my purse, and guitar. Niall stood up too, grabbing his guitar. I headed out the door, and towards my room. I slid my key in, and opening the door. “You can go ahead and make yourself comfortable in the living area. I think I’m gonna call my mom and sisters to tell them goodnight, if you don’t mind?”

“Oh, you’re fine. I’ll go over what you showed me earlier.” He smiled at me, and I nodded and went to my room to dial my Emma’s number.

“Hello?” Emma answered on the third ring.  

“Hey, it’s me.”

“No shit! I have caller ID. What do you need? I’m in a meeting!” what?

“Oh my gosh! The time difference! I forgot. Call me later? I love you guys!” I said, and then clicked the ‘end call’ button.

“That was fast.” Niall said, as I came and sat next to him on the couch.

“Yeah, she was in a meeting. I forgot about the time differences.”

“Oh, I used to do that all the time, hell I still do.” He said givinig me a reassuring smile.

“Yeah. This is the first time I’ve ever been to London, and there are really large time zone differences.”

“You’ve never been here?” he asked shocked.

“Nope, this is the first time. I’ve been to Canada, and Mexico, but never anywhere else.” I said.  

“Well, on a day off, we’ll have to take ya sightseeing!” he said excitedly.

“That sounds nice.” I smiled to him. “Do you wanna try to finish learning this?”

“Yeah, how does the second part go? I forgot.” He said with a chuckle.

“Okay, look.” I placed my hands on the right chords and started strumming.



“I need boy, not a body with a complex. I got a heart, and you got your hair gel.” I sang softly while Niall played. It took me an hour and forty-minutes to teach the song to him, he’s a fast learner. He messed up laughing at me.

“Is that really how it goes?”

“No,” I laughed. “it goes, ‘I need a girl, not a body with a complex. I got a heart, and you got your lipstick,’ but I like to change it to fit me.”

“Oh, well that’s still funny. I think I’m gon’ download a few songs from them, because I like this song. They’re good, yeah?”

“Yes. They’re amazing. I’m writing a song right now with Nick called ‘Ever Enough’. Wanna hear what I’ve got so far?” he nodded, smiling.

“No I’m never gonna leave you darling, No I’m never gonna go regardless. Everything inside of me is living in your heartbeat. Even when all the lights are fading, Even then if your hope was shaking, I’m here holding on.” I played the first chords of the chorus, and then went on. “I will always be yours forever and more. Through the push and the pull, I still drown in your love. And drink 'til I’m drunk, And all that I’ve done, Is it ever enough?”

“You wrote that?” he asked in awe.

“Well, not all of it. Nick wrote the chorus, and I wrote the rest.”

“That’s amazin’. You’re really talented. Do you write a lot of your own music?”

“Yeah, I write most of it. What I write about comes from experiences and stuff. I guess, I’m kind of like Taylor Swift, but I don’t write about just bad break ups, and douchebag guys.” He laughed.

“I see.” I checked the time on my phone, and was shocked that is four in the morning. “Uhm, would you mind taking a picture with me, so I can tweet it?” he asked shyly.

“Oh, that’s fine.” I said smiling as I grabbed my phone, and walked over to sit next to him on the other couch. “I want one too.” We held out our phones in front us, and I stuck out my tongue and he made a weird face, causing me to laugh. “You looked so funny!” I said laughing.

We took a normal one, and I went to tweet them both.

“Had so much fun with @onedirection tonight! And had more fun jamming on the guitar with @NiallOfficial ! Lovely group of boys! (: xx” 

I heard Nialls notification ding, and he retweeted, and favorite it. My phone dinged a second later with a Twitter notification.

“Had an awesome night with @RealCarsonReed tonight! She rocks at the guitar! Night lads! Xx” I did the same to tweet.

“Well, I think I’m gonna head off to my room, and get some sleep. I’ll see you in the morning, yeah?” he said standing and stretching his arms over his head, revealing a small portion of his stomach.

“That’s fine, I’m getting tired myself.” I said smiling and walking to the door with him. “I had fun tonight, thank you.”

“I did too. Night Carson.” I reached up to hug him, and he placed a sweet kiss on my cheek.

“Goodnight, Niall.” I smiled shutting the door. I was wrong, not all boy-bands are bad.

 I think I’m gonna like this tour.



Sorry it took soooooo long to update! Had a lot on my mind, school just started, and had huge writers block! Hope you guys like this chapter!  :*

Love you all! 

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