Deep in need

Taylor is living the lowlife, the hard life. Her mother comes home with abusive boyfriends and is never sober. The help she needs comes from a ceratin boy, a boy she never thought excisted.


9. Stay Strong

Harrys P.O.V. I could hear everything perfectly fine, I just couldnt see anyone. Outlines of people were to blurry to figure out. I tried my hardest to wake up. I almost gave up when my eyes fluttered open. Everyone was crying so I thought I would prank them "Guys, I can't handle the pain. I love you guys." I closed my eyes, pretending. "Just kidding." I weakly laughed. "Harry thats not funny at all, thats- thats SICK!" I laughed normal now, but I was hungry. "I'm hungry, wheres Chloe?' Everyone looked pained when I asked. "We don't know."

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