Deep in need

Taylor is living the lowlife, the hard life. Her mother comes home with abusive boyfriends and is never sober. The help she needs comes from a ceratin boy, a boy she never thought excisted.


3. Dream

Niall's P.O.V. Tay answered a call, and just as i heard the muffled voice, the color drained from her face. "I, I didn't mean to please don't hurt me!' She begged. I had a puzzled look on my face and watch intentely, looking at her. 'But, you were with Jason, and i thought you would want me gone! Don't please!" She dropped her phone just as i heard, "But Taylor, you are a shitty slut who needs to be killed." I saw the tears burst from her blue eyes, sobbing as i took her phone away from her. "Tay, your going to be ok, you can stay with the boys and I, and no more answering calls." "She can track me now! Jason her boyfriend is coming for me!" I threw the phone on the ground, stomped on it and tossed it in the wastebasket. She looked relieved, but only for a moment. The doctor came in, and i studied his features. Tall, lanky with a sharp nose. He had a nametag saying Dr.Rivers, and had grey hair. Glasses perched on his nose, and he held a clipboard. I snapped out of my staring as I heard my name. "Niall, Niall?' "Er, yes?" "If you are taking Taylor home with you, please sign a few papers." "Alright." I helped Taylor up from her awkward position on the bed and grabbed her hand on the way out the door. I noticed her hair was longer then before, almost to her waist. Her crystal blue eyes shone in the light and she was tan. Her long legs made her look like a model, she could be a model if she wanted to. As i signed and did everything i was required to, i walked out of the building, hand in hand with Taylor, looking at the smile plastered on her face. I got in my Black Ranger Rover and leaned in to kiss her, but stopped instantely remembering, i had a girlfriend. I needed someone to get over Taylor, but now that i see her i need her back in my arms, once and for all. I dialed Anne's number, my girlfriend. She picked up after 3 rings, not knowing that it was me that had called. "Shhhh, babe i don't know who called, we will continue after this. Hello, Anne speaking." "Hi Anne, i just wanted to let you know we are through, i never loved you and that you are a slut, so have fun, and make sure your using protection!" I wasn't infuriated or mad, just happy i could be single because my heart was meant for Taylor Brown.

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