Deep in need

Taylor is living the lowlife, the hard life. Her mother comes home with abusive boyfriends and is never sober. The help she needs comes from a ceratin boy, a boy she never thought excisted.


4. Date?

Taylor's P.O.V. I liked Niall, no I loved him. Every time he caressed me in his arms, or his dulcet voice made me sleep, i fell for him more.

Nialls P.O.V. I'm going to ask out Taylor today. I got dressed in my light brown chinos and my blue supras. I got in my Ranger Rover and drove to her house. I knocked on the door of her house, my foot bounced up and down. She answered the door, wearing fuzzy red and pink pajama shorts and a white lace victoria secret tanktop. "Hey Nialler, whats up?" "Hey Tay, I need to ask you something." "Ok, ask away!" "I was wondering, if you would be my princess?"

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