Deep in need

Taylor is living the lowlife, the hard life. Her mother comes home with abusive boyfriends and is never sober. The help she needs comes from a ceratin boy, a boy she never thought excisted.


5. Answer

Taylor's P.O.V. "Will you be my princess?" Niall asked. I stood there, making out the very words he just said. Will you be my princess? What the hell was that supposed to mean? I didn't say anything, obviously confused. "I don't wanna make anything awkward, I guess I'll go." Niall said disappointedly. He walked to his car, and got in. The engine rumbled, making it hard to hear. "NIALL, WAIT!" He rolled the window down, his head was drooping. I got in the car and sat shotgun. "You didn't let me answer." I took my hands and moved his head up, and my lips kissed his. After a second, he understood my answer and kissed back. Fireworks flew, it was magical. It was magical until the car started rolling, rolling downhill.

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