Take a Chance

what happens when Gracie moves to the UK were her BFF lives and apparently liam Payne is her boyfriend and she falls for Niall.. What happens when niall feel feelings for her too.. figure it out in take a Chance


1. we're MOVING

''Gracie? Wake up, we're leaving'' Said my sister Lucy as she was shaking my bed. Lucy is the best sister ever she is not annoying like those others, she has light grey eyes with blue around her orbs, her skin was pale and her hair was dirty blonde. Very opposite of me, my eyes were blue, just like the sea, my skin was also pale but more vivid than Lucy's, my hair was brown.''Yes?'' I simply said sitting up. ''Today's the day. We're moving today'' She said. As soon as she said those words i stood up running towards the loo, which was now just a room with a toilet, sink, and tub. I undressed myself and turned the warm British shower on. Oh Yeah! My name is Gracie Shannon, i am 17 years old and i live in London, England I was really born in Ireland in a little town close to dublin called blackrock, i moved here when i was 9 and lived here ever since, i live with my mum and dad, also with my little sister Lucy and big brother Greg.I quickly washed my hair with my favorite cookies and cream shampoo and washed my body, i turned the shower off and grabbed my blue and white towel, i dried myself and went over to the sink to brush my teeth, when i was done i was already dry. I went into my room and opened my bag because i had put some clothes there for today, i put my undergarments on and then threw my hair up in a bun. I took the rest of my outfit from my bag which consisted on a baggy purple top that ended right in my mid thigh and a pair of black leggings, then, i took a grocery bag out of my bag and took my purple VANS out, i hurried back to the bathroom to fix my hair, my hair is a little curly so when i make it loose it always ends in locks right in my mid-torso, i took out my strawberry lip gloss and put it on my lips making them sticky and a bit pink, then, i put on some eyeliner. I put everything remaining in my bag and headed downstairs. As i walked down to the last flight of stairs i saw that my mom was doing dishes, dad reading a newspaper, and Greg tickling Lucy. Yup! Normal day routine.''Morning Lazy Gracie'' Said Greg as i went in the kitchen grabbing a piece of toast in my brother's legs. ''Hey that was mine!!'' He protested. I simply gulped the delicious piece of bread and stuck my tongue out at him. Minutes after i ate Greg's toast, a van came and beeped. ''That's Matthew'' Said my dad, Leo. ''Are you guys ready?'' We all nodded. ''Let's go then'' Said Greg with his thick Irish accent. I quickly went up to my room and took my bag. When we headed downstairs, we took our suitcases and went into my uncle's minivan, i sat in the back with Lucy, in the middle was my mom Gloria and Greg and in front was my uncle Matthew and my dad. ''So Gracie, decided on what University you are going this year?'' Asked Matthew as he looked at me through the little mirror. I shake my head 'No'. ''I want to visit some to see how close they are and if the area is safe first'' I responded. He nodded. Greg then decided to be his cocky self and ruin everything. ''Oi! you gonna meet some boys too right?'' My dad looked at him with the hardest Glare and Greg raised both his hands up in defeat.

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