Hi. Im Layla. I have a brother. Yeah his name is Liam Payne. I know he's in one direction blah blah blah. My life is really weird. Always paps and fans asking me about Liam. So what happens with a girl like me, normal, and casual, have a brother, famous, and talented? Find out,


1. Liam came home.

Layla POV-

BEEP BEEP BEEP, went the alarm clock. Ugh, another morning of summer 2013. I know summer is supposed to be fun and all, but for me, its really boring. My brother isn't with me. My brother Liam Payne. Yeah, he's my brother. I know what your thinking, who's older?! Well its Liam, by 30 seconds. Yes, 30 seconds. Not that much. Liam looks way older though. He looks 19, I look 16. People always say, "YOU GUYS ARE TWINS!? YOU GUYS LOOK NOTHING ALIKE!" And we are identical twins. So it kinda gets awkward. But me and Liam both have something in common. We both love each other. When I was little, and getting bullied, he would stick up for me. But that made Liam get bullied. I hated it. I couldn't do anything because one- Liam told me not too. And 2- I was a girl. But when Liam was 16, so was I, he went on X-Factor UK and made it through! I was so happy for him! He became part of a boy band, one direction. Harry,Niall,Zayn, And Louis are like 4 other brothers to me. Not that I needed more. Anyway, Im gonna get back to my morning. I jumped out of bed, threw on some slippers, and tied my hair up. I went downstairs, to see Nicola and Ruth on the couch, chilling out. Ruth was 20, Nicola was 22. They had to move out already. They were annoying. "Hello Layla." Ruth said smiling at me. "Layla!" Nicola said running to me. "Hi Guys." I said grabbing some cereal. "So today, me and Ruth are going to be going out." Ruth said putting on some eyeshadow. "Just you and Danielle all day!" Nicola said rubbing my head. "Danielle?" I said excited. I LOVED Danielle! She was like my big sister. She was amazing, nice, and gorgeous! She loved my brother, and he loved her. I could see them getting married one day, with kids. The fact that she was coming over made it amazing! Danielle almost never comes over, only with Liam. And Liam is hardly here. Sadly. Anyway, I smiled, and ran into the shower, took a shower, brushed my hair, and came out. Threw on some sweat pants, and a belly shirt, I think thats what they are called. Shoes? Some slippers. I didn't really want to be fancy today, only when I go out. I looked at my wrist and seen the tattoo. It was an infinity sign. I loved it so much. Anyway, I went back into the living room, where Ruth & Nicola had left. I looked out the window, and seen Danielle's car pull up. She came out, a waved to me through the window. She rushed out, and hugged me. "Iv'e missed you so much Layla! Hows everything going?" She said looking at my eyes. "Everything's great. I just kinda miss Liam." I said looking at the ground. "Its alright darling. He'll come back. Not to long now. About 3 more weeks." she said looking at her phone. "Anyway, wanna see what I got you?" She said jumping up and down and going into her car. "You got me something! Danielle!" I said laughing and walking to her. "Its the least I could do for my little sister!" She said pinching my cheeks. I loved when she called me her little sister. Made me feel nice and warm inside. She handed me 2 small boxes, and 1 big box, and 1 medium boxes. "Okay, lets go inside so you can open these!" She said leading me inside the house. I placed the boxes on the couch next to me, and offered Danielle something to eat or drink. She said a water. As I got her the water, Danielle sat with her legs crossed across the table. Danielle was such a lady. Thats why Liam loves her. Now I get it. I went into the living room, and gave Danielle her water. "Thank you love!" She said smiling at me. She took her water, and told me to open the little box with an 'L' on it first. I did what she said, and it reviled a beautiful charm bracelet. "Danielle!" I said looking at her. She showed me her wrist, and she had the same one on. I loved it! "We're twins!" I said jumping. "No, you and Liam are twins!" She said laughing. "Thats right." I said laughing. "Ill save the other boxes for later." I said moving them to the corner carefully. "Thats alright, why don't we bake something?" she asked me walking to the kitchen. "CAKE." I said looking at her in the eyes. "Alright." Danielle said getting some cake batter. 

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