Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


20. Zayn is Home

I ran down stairs to look for something for breakfast. As soon as I opened the fridge, I felt arms around my waist. "Niall let go!" I said not bothering to look behind me. "Why would Niall be holding you?"

I turned around to see Zayn.


"I thought you weren't coming home for 2 days?" I asked. "I wanted to surprise you." Zayn said, looking a bit hurt.. and mad. "Oh." I said. "Now why would Niall be wrapping his arms around you?!" He asked again. Niall had just walked into the room. I glanced over to him. Zayn noticed and looked behind him as well.

"Hey mate! What are you doing home so early?" Niall asked. "Why would she think you would be all over her?" Zayn asked, pointing to me. He seemed very angry... and jealous. "Well, were the only ones home, so unless it were a ghost... it would only make since that it would be the only other person in the house, boss." Niall, truthfully lied once again. Zayn loosened up a bit. "Ok." Was all he said. "Well, I'm just going to go." Niall said leaving the kitchen. "Good." Zayn slightly mumbled.

"Well, where were we?" Zayn asked. I smiled. He wrapped his hands around my waist again, when Harry and Louis walked in. "Whoa! Get some, boss!" Harry said. Zayn and I both blushed.

They both left and Zayn and I were alone again. Zayn was leaning in for a kiss, but I gave him a hug instead. Apparently that surprised him, but he hugged back anyways. I left the kitchen and went to the living room. I took a seat on the couch followed by Zayn. He sat down very close and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I rested my head on his head.

"Zayn?" I asked. "Yeah, Macy?" He asked. "I've made my decision." I said he sat up completely and looked at me. "What is it?"



Hey guys....Sorry for such the short chapters, but I am thinking of making a sequel? Only if you guys would read it that is... So, basically what im saying is that: This story is finished.... but I am going to make a sequel of her life being with them in their 'gang' ! Yay! Ok....

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