Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


11. Yes.

We pulled up to my safe house. "Um, guys?" I asked. "Yeah, Macy?" Said Zayn. "What are we doing here?" My voice was raising. All my fear was turning into anger. "Our mission, babe!" He said with a smirk on his face. I wanted to jump over the seats and just kill him right there! But they had my hands tied behind my back. Instead I took deep breath and try to hold back my tears. I moved my eyes up to the right corner of my eye the to the left to try and cut off my tears.

I was pulled out of the van, and just then Aaron ran out of the door. "Macy!" He was about to come forward to me, but the boys pulled out their guns except for Niall who was holding me. I wanted to scream so bad. "Don't move!" Said Zayn. Aaron did as told and put his hands in the air. I glanced him a worried look as they tied his hands. He mouthed "It's going to be ok." I wanted to believe his words, but I couldn't.

They took us inside. I struggled a bit until Niall whispered: "If you want to live I suggest you stop squirming." I stopped moving except for my feat. He walked me over to the couch. Louis had a hold of Aaron. "Now..." Zayn began and licked his lips. "...Macy, I gave you an offer. You could be with us and have a family, have all the friends you need, and... have me." he said the last part as he stroked my cheek. I turned my head away, and the tears fell. "And I said I needed time." - "And I gave you enough." He said turning my head to look at him. I didn't say anything. He walked over to Louis and Aaron. "Maybe this could convince you." I looked up at them. A terrified look on my face. "Louis." Zayn said, and Louis held his gun to Aaron.

"NO!" I screamed, tears soaking my face. "It's time to choose." He said. I knew how these things worked. No matter which answer I pick, they will kill him. "I-I-I..." Maybe it worth a shot. "Don't say yes, Macy!" Aaron said. "Shut up!" Said Louis. Maybe its worth a chance. If I say no then they definitely will pull the trigger, but I say yes, there's a 1% chance that he might live. I'm willing to take that risk. "Y-y-yes-s" I said uncertainty in my voice. Disappointment was written all over Aaron's face. All the boys smirked.... boom. I saw it, all the insides blown from Aarons head.

I began to throw every curse word, known to the human race, at them. Anger and more anger building up. My hands were still tied so I couldn't throw any punches. Zayn looked at Harry and nodded towards his head towards me and I continued to curse them out. Harry nodded and threw me over his shoulder once again. "Put me down! I swear I am going to kill all you arse holes!" I said multiple threats until they covered my mouth with duck tape. Then the threats turned into mumbles. I finally shut up and just sat silently crying. I leaned my back on the seat. It would have been the window, if I didn't have to sit in the middle between Zayn and Liam. Louis was driving, Harry in the passenger seat, and Niall sitting in the back stretched out over the seats.

Zayn placed his hand on my thigh. I couldn't do anything to move his hand. "I'm glad you came around." He whispered and lightly kissed my cheek. "I'm not." I thought. "You know, I would never hurt you right?" he said and I looked at him. "Maybe not physically but you have emotionally." I said, but it cam out as: "Mmmbabbmmummubmmhhumm." Since my mouth was still covered. "What?" I tried to look at my mouth to show him it was covered, even though he already knew. He removed the tape. "I said, maybe not physically but you have emotionally." I said. I would cry again, but my tears are gone. "I can fix your emotions." He said. I looked away from him.

"You've done enough."

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