Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


24. The Plan

----Zayn's P.O.V.-----

I sat for a few more minutes with Macy before getting out of the cars. I didn't want the boys to see me crying so I quickly wiped my eyes. It was now getting somewhat dark out and I picked up the sleeping Macy from the backseat. I went over every detail with the guys.

"Ok, Harry and Louis, you wait by the back. I send you text to let you know when to do your thing. Liam, stick with me, and Niall, you look innocent and wait until I give you the signal." I told the guys. Harry and Louis went around back and Liam, Niall, and I knocked on our bosses door. "Who is at my door?!" We heard a yell from the other side. I rolled my eyes at him. I handed Macy over to Liam to hold. He answered the door and immediately smirked as he saw the sleeping girl passed out in Liam's arms. "Well done, lads. Come, come on in!" He said opening the door even wider. I walked in first, then Liam then Niall. "Just take a seat on the couch and I will bring out your reward." He told us as he left the room. I quickly texted Harry.

Zayn: Now - Harry: 10/4 (yes/ok)

I placed my phone back in my pocket as our boss came out with his hand in his pocket. We all stood up and faced him. He took his hand out to hold something we didn't expect as a reward, but should have. He smiled as he looked at the solid black chunk of deadly medal in his hand. "Now, boys... I do hope you understand. But, I cant have someone going around as witnesses." He said. He cocked it took aim. "Any minute now would be great, Harry." I mumbled to my self. We heard a crashing coming from the back. "What the.." Our boss asked confused. You could hear Harry cussing at Louis. "You screwed it up. We don't always have to go through the window you know. The door was unlocked!" He yelled. "Son of a-" I shook my head. These idiots.

Harry helped up Louis and they finally decided to join us. "Well that certainly didn't go as planned." I mumbled to myself. "What is this?" Asked our boss. "Its a gun dummy." Louis sassed in a mumble. I looked at him wide eyed. Luckily no one else heard. No one spoke. "Well, is anyone going to answer me?" He asked. I winked at Niall and he nodded. He was behind him so our boss couldn't see anything Niall was doing. He quietly pulled out an identical weapon similar to our bosses. I slightly took a step right and Liam, still holding Macy, left. Just incase the bullet decides to go through. Our boss looked at us confused. Niall was shaking a bit. I understand he isn't really into this, but he is up for it when he feels like its needed. 'POW' He gun shot went off and it a good thing we stepped aside. There was a hole through the door after passing through our boss. I decided to say a few things to the bloody body.

"You know boss, I was wondering when you were going to pull that trigger, I guess you just didn't do it when you had the chance. Stop being so easily distracted. It was your biggest weakness after all." I stood back up and off my knee I motioned the boys over to the door and they walked out. "But, I guess you don't have to worry about that anymore." I said as I walked through the door. Liam placed Macy back in the car. I wonder how she slept through that all. Maybe she's a heavy sleeper? "Well, lets get going guys." I said and we drove off.

We arrived back at the house and I carried Macy up the stairs. I placed her on the bed but was pulled back by a yanking on my shirt when I tried to leave. "Please stay." She mumbled. "I'll be right back up. Just wait." I said and dashed down the stairs. "She's awake now, well sort of." I said getting a water bottle from the fridge. "That's good boss." Said my mates. I'm really thankful to have them, and Macy.

I ran back up the stairs, into my room. "I'm back!" I said and got in on the other side. "Yay!" She said, her eyes still closed. I slid under the blankets and held her tight.

---------Niall's P.O.V-----

I woke up and was immediately hungry. I dashed down the stairs and into the kitchen, not paying attention to anything except for a giant cold machine. I opened the door and scanned all the items. "ooh, what's this?" I asked and took it out of the fridge. I didn't recognize it at first, but it turned out to be Jell-O. "When did we get this?" I asked observing the cylinder shaped container. I shrugged my shoulders and got a spoon and dug into the jiggly substance. I walked into the living room and saw everyone besides Zayn and Macy chilling on the couch. "What's up lad's?" I asked eating the Jell-O. "Just watching a movie. "What movie?" I asked. "When in Rome!" Harry said a little to excited. "Harry picked it, its a rom-com" Explained Liam. "Oh." I said."Harreh!!" Whined Louis. "What?" Whined 'Harreh'. "I'm bored!" Louis said. "Well, there isn't anything to do, no shut up and watch this movie!" He said. "We could go wake up the lovebirds." I suggested. Louis had the most creepy looking face on, it almost look like a pedophiles face. "Pause the movie Harry and lets get up them stairs. You! Blondie! and you! Smarty! Lets go!" He said. He said pointing to me and Liam.

We sneak up the stairs and into Zayn's room. I was having a hard time holing in laughter so Louis hit me upside the head. "Ow!" I whispered, rubbing my head. "Shh!" I said. "3 2 1!" Said Louis and we all jumped onto the bed. Screaming and yelling. "Agh! Shut up guys!" Zayn said and through a pillow at us but then used his other to cover up his face. Macy just turned over and sighed. "Macy! Macy! Macy! Zayn! Macy!" We started yelling and jumping. Either Macy is a heavy sleeper or she is enjoying this. Maybe both? "Ok! We're up!" Zayn said sitting up we stopped jumping and sat on the bed.

----------Macy's P.O.V---------

I was laying in bed half asleep when I heard someone say ow the shh. I smiled, knowing who it belonged to. A few seconds later I felt the bed bouncing up and down. Then the guys started yelling and shouting and didn't mind it really. It was fun how the bed bounced like a trampoline. Zayn on the other hand wasn't so happy with it. "Ok! We're up!" Said Zayn. The guys stopped and just sat on the bed. I turned over. "Speak for your self." I said. Throwing a pillow at him. But them scooted closer to where I could feel his warmth. "Aw! You guys are so cute!" Said Louis. Zayn had an arm around me rubbing my back. It was a little awkward though with the guys in the room. I sat up, and rubbed my eyes. The guys started giggling and covered their eyes. "What?" Zayn propped himself his elbow and used his other arm to pull up the blanket over my chest. I looked at him confused and then looked at my self. "Where'd my clothes go?" I asked and the guys started laughing. Niall was laughing so hard he fell off the bed, causing me to giggle a bit. I hard my undergarments on, but not my shirt or pants. "I took them off you cause you were sweating a bit." Said Zayn. "Oh, thanks." I said looking back at him.

We all got changed and were ready for the day. "So, what happened after Niall and I went to the car?" I asked. The looked at each other, some sighing. "We made you safe, no one should be after you now." Zayn said. I smiled and thanked the guys with a hugs.


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