Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


2. Sunday

I woke up from the light coming in from the window. I squinted my eyes and put my pillow over my head. "Macy, wake up! We're going to get some breakfast, so up, up!" Aaron said, shaking my shoulders. "Fine." I sighed. I got up and went over to my suit case. Aaron left the room to get ready himself.

I set the case on the ground, and unzipped the zipper. I pulled out a pair of blue skinny jeans, and a light gray t-shirt. It was pretty chilly out side so I also grabbed a jacket. I headed down stairs where Aaron was walking around trying to find his keys. "Have you seen my keys?" He asked looking under couch cushions. I saw the key dangling from the lock in the door. "Maybe they're in the kitchen..." I said. He went to look in the kitchen and I hurried to the door to grab the keys.

I ran out of the door and got into the driver's seat of the car. Aaron came out of the door as soon as he head me start the car. "You little liar!" He yelled. I began to but the car in reverse. "Macy, no! You don't have your driver's licenses yet!" I gave him a smirk and pulled out of the drive way. I was about to start driving down the road when Aaron slammed into my window. "Macy get out, now!" I rolled my eyes and slid over the center console to my seat.

"Don't ever pull a stunt like that again! It's not safe." - "I just wanted to some fun." I mumbled with my arms crossed and my attention out of the window.

It was silent until we arrived at where we were going to eat. It was McDonalds. "Do you want to eat inside or go through the drive thru?" Aaron asked, finally breaking the silence. "I guess inside." He pulled into a parking space and put on the brakes. We got out and headed towards the doors.


We went back 'home' and turned on the T.V. they provided for us. "Aaron I'm bored!!" I whined. "Well find something to do." He whined back. "There is nothing to do!" - "That must suck!" He said passing the couch. I rolled my eyes. I took out my iPod and plugged in my head phones. I put the songs on shuffle and the first one to play was Money Honey by State of Shock.

"Macy, Macy, MACY!" Aaron yelled. I opened my eyes and took out one head phone. "Hmm?" I asked. "As we were driving, I saw an arcade. Do you want to check it out?" He asked taking a seat next to me. "Sure." I got up and walked to the door. "Aren't you forgetting something?" He asked. "I give up, what am I forgetting?" I said. "Your phone- "It's in my pocket." I cut him off. "and, your safety supplies." He said.

I knew what he meant. I went up stairs and got my miniature gun, and pocket knife. The government realizes what danger I'm in, so they think its appropriate to 'be armed at all times'. "Ok I'm ready." I said as I walked into the living room. "Shall we then?" Aaron asked. "We shall." We locked arms and walked out of the door.


We arrived at the arcade, but Aaron didn't get out. "Aren't you coming?" - "I have to run some chores real quick. Call me when your ready to come back." He said and left. "Alright." I mumbled to my self. I opened the doors, and saw a few people there. But a certain person caught my eyes. He had brown curly hair, and hypnotizing green eyes. I tried to not to stare, but something about him made you feel like you couldn't live without seeing him. I turned my head away and continued walking.

I found a game that seemed interesting. As I got closer to the game I realized it was Pacman. This was my mothers favorite game. I began to tear up at the thought of my mom. I sucked it up and took out some money. I quickly found a quarter machine and put the $10 bill into it. The quarters came out and I went back to the game.

I couldn't help but sort of relate to the game. Being chased by monsters then chasing them back. The big dots represented safety and then the cops go after them. 'Stop! Your here to have fun, not think of everything else.' I told my self. "Well if fun is what you're looking for, I'm all open." I heard a voice from behind me. I turned around to the curly haired boy. "T-that's not what I meant." I was nervous, so I stuttered.

"You're the first." What did he mean by that? I turned around to play the game once more. I felt the boy's presents still around me. But when I looked back, he was gone. I was becoming very nervous. I shook the thoughts from my head and convinced my self it was just my imagination. "So, what'cha playin'?" He asked out of no where. I jumped a little at his sudden out burst. "Umm, Pacman." I said, avoiding eye contact.

He nodded his head and continued talking. "Is it fun?" - "I guess so." I said, chasing one of the ghosts. "Are you winning?" he stepped a bit closer. Why is he asking all these questions? "Sure." I said. "How come you always have a short answer?" - "There's not much to say." I replied. "There could be." Is he starting an argument? "Only when you want it to be." I said. I lost all my lives and went to find another game.

The boy followed me. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Finding a game to play." - "I could be a game." He said. I looked at him and he winked. "Sorry, but I don't think I have enough quarters." With that I turned around to look at the games. "I'll give you a discount." - "I'm not interested." I said. I found one of the games with a jackpot. It was 50 cents so I put in the quarters.

"What are you playing now?" He asked. "The name is right there." I gestured towards the sign that had the name of the game. He didn't say anything else. But I felt his eyes travel down to my waist. "That's a nice gun you got there." He said as if it were normal to have one. I stopped the game and turned to him with my eyes wide. I covered his mouth before he could say anything else. "You need to learn when to keep you mouth shut." I whisper yelled.

I removed my hand slowly but he came back out with questions. "What's it for? Are you, like, a secret assassin?" I face palmed my self. "No, I'm not an assassin." I said continuing the game. "So... what's it for?" - "None of your business." I mumbled back. What is up with this guy. "Look at me." He said. I turned to look at him. His eyes.... crap! "Now, what's it for?" He asked calmly. "Stuff." I said.

"What kind of stuff?" He asked. "What is up with you and all the questions? You should be an interviewer or something." I was becoming annoyed. "I just want to know." - "I just don't want to tell you." I said mocking him.

I walked off leaving the game and the mysterious boy behind.

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