Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


25. Last Chapter

Macy's P.OV.

"Aye, Macy?" Zayn asked. "Yeah?" - "Want to try this drink I made?" He asked. "Is it that the 'home made soda' you made a while back?" I asked. "Ha, no. Its lemonade. But I used real lemons and put a lot of sugar!" He said. "Hmm, alright."

I got a glass of the lemonade and took a tiny sip. "Oh come on, get a gulp of it!" Zayn said. I smiled a bit and drank some more. "Its really good Zayn, want to make a lemonade stand?" I asked. "A good way to make a little extra money." I added. "Eh, lemonade stands aren't really my thing, maybe you could do it with Niall. He may like it." Zayn said. "Fine... could you at least tell me how you made it? So I could make some more incase we run out?" asked I. "Yeah, sure. Come here." He pulled me towards him, over to the counter. "First we need to get the sugar and some lemons." He said.

After we made the lemonade, I went to get Niall and ask if he wanted to do the lemonade stand with me. I jogged up the stairs to his room. I knocked on the door. "Who is it?" He asked. "Macy." I replied. "Come in." Niall said.

"What'cha need?" - "I was wondering if you wanted to do a lemonade stand with me?" I asked. "Wow..." He said. "What?" - "You are such a child." He laughed.


"Hmphf..." I crossed my arms. "Yeah sure. I'll be down there in a second." He said. I smiled. "Thank you!" - "Mhm."

I slid down the stairs on my bum. "What are you doing?" Harry asked. "You've never down this?" I asked. "No..." He said. He had a glass of Zayn's Lemonade. "Hey!" I randomly yelled. "What?" he asked. "That drink is 50 cents a glass." I said. Harry looked beyond confused. I was still sitting on the stairs as I talked to him. "I'm doing a lemonade stand, with Niall..." I said. "I want to help!" Harry said.

"Well help please?" I held out my arms, to lazy to stand up on my own. He rolled his eyes and helped me up. "Thank you!" I said.


Niall, Harry and I waited at the side of the road for 'customers.' We waited about 20 minutes before someone walked by. "How much?" They asked. "$30!" Harry said. "Harry!" I said. "What he asked. "It's 50 cents." I told the customer. "Oh, ok!" They said. We were given two quarters as they left. "Have a nice day." I called after.

After we were done we headed back inside. "How much did you make?" Zayn asked us. "50 cents..." We mumbled. "50 cents?" He asked. "Yeah..." I confirmed. "Oh..." He said. Harry and Niall headed up to there rooms. "Well, more lemonade for us then." Zayn said. "Yeah." I smiled.

----Even though at first I felt so uncomfortable and scared of these guys, I am really thankful to have them.----

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