Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


1. Intro

As I rode in the car, I looked out the window watching the scenery pass by. I looked at the grass against the road. I saw many whiskey bottles and beer cans. Along with various of other pieces of trash. I looked up from the ground to see what was above ground level. There were a few trees, but not many. Emptiness surrounded the area so far.

As we drove closer to the house, I began to see three story buildings, I'm guessing apartments.

Few minutes later we pulled into a drive way. A two story house stood before, coated in new white paint. "Were here," said Aaron (my 'body guard'). I jumped out of the car and walked up to the porch. As Aaron got my stuff from the trunk I twisted the doorknob to see if it was unlocked; surely enough it was. I walked through the rooms and couldn't help but to remember my  parents.


"Macy! I need you to go upstairs and lock yourself in your room! Don't come out. Not even when you think its safe, just stay in there and don't make a sound!" My mother pushed me towards the stairs hurrying me up to my room. "What's happening momma?" I asked as I reached my door. I didn't get a reply. I went into my room and locked my door.

"Where is she!" I heard the front door bust open and a yell from down stairs. "Where is who?" I heard my father say. I heard a thump. "You know exactly who I'm talking about." There was silence. I heard a gasp come from my mother. "Oh my god!" She yelled. My heart was pacing. "Now tell me where she is, or the same thing will happen to you." The man said quietly. I was scared, on the verge of screaming! I kept quiet like mother said.

I put my face in my pillow and ran to my closet. I locked that door also. I hid behind the dangling clothing and boxes stacked in my closet. My pillow was still over my face, but I could still hear the conversation downstairs.

"I don't know what your talking about," my mother said. A gunshot went off. What just happened? I began crying as I thought through all the possibilities that happened after the gunshot. "Bull-" The man was cut off from sirens surrounding the house. I hugged my pillow tighter and stayed put. Shuffling came about from underneath me in the living room.

Someone knocked on my door. I put my head into my pillow and began crying more. I didn't answer so he bust it open. I jumped. I heard shuffling and it got closer and closer. He knocked on my door. "Its alright, you can come out now. Its safe." He said. Safe... 'Don't come out. Not even when you think its safe...' My mother's words replayed in my head. He knocked on the door again. "Macy, its the police, you can come on out." The 'police man' said. How did he know my name? I looked to the other side of the closet and saw my old baseball bat.

I slowly unlocked the door and the man opened it. I held up my bat ready to swing, but once I saw the uniform I stopped and felt relief. "Now, come on and lets get you somewhere safe." He said. I nodded and wiped my tears still clutching on to the pillow.

As we walked down the stairs, the police man stopped and covered my eyes so I couldn't see anything. "I don't think you should see what's going on." He said. I heard some people reading rights and others saying "Lets take care of these bodies." What bodies?! I began to cry a gain, getting the man's hand wet. He picked me up and tried to calm me down.

"It will be alright.... shh." He said as he rocked me in his arms. He placed me in a police car and drove off, leaving my house in the distance.

=========End of Flashback==============

"So what do you think of the safe house?" Aaron asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. "It's... nice, kind of boring, but nice." I said.

"Go find the room you want and take your suit case." He said. I grabbed my case and dragged it up the stairs. There was already dressers and beds in the rooms. I found one that suited me. I was the second door on the right. It was a little dusty, but all the rooms were.

I put my bag against the wall for now. I went down stairs. "Ok, I got everything into the house, now we just need to get you into a school." Aaron said. Ugh! School. I sighed as we walked out of the door. The school I was going to attend was called Dart High School.

We pulled  into the parking lot and hopped out the car. It was Saturday, so there weren't any students around. Aaron pulled open the doors and held them open for me. We found the office down the hall a little. There was also the teacher lounge and printing rooms. We walked through the office doors and was greeted by a woman, probably in her 40's. She had short blonde hair and her blue eyes were covered by her thin rimmed reading glasses.

"You must be Macy Cage!" She said pulling me into a hug. It was awkward so I didn't hug back. "I'm Mrs. Alice, how are ya sweetie?" - "I'm fine, thanks." I wasn't good at meeting people. "And you must be Mr. Aaron!" She said looking at Aaron. He gave a warm smile and nodded his head. They shook hands and she looked back to me. "Ok, sweetie, so your in 12th grade?" I nodded and she continued to ask questions. She gave me my schedule, and Aaron and I headed off.

"She seems nice." Aaron said. "I guess so." I said as I hopped into the car. "Will you try to make at least some friends?" Aaron asked as he started the vehicle. I shrugged my shoulders and kept quiet. He sighed and checked behind him before pulling out of the parking space.




Hey peoples! This is my new story, and I hope you like it. I'm not trying to rush anything so that's why the lads arn't in there yet. But don't worry they will be soon. In this story they arn't famous.. just a heads up. Like, comment, favorite. Thanks!!

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