Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


7. "I told you, it's a suprise, babe."

I searched for the nearest clock to see what the time was. I saw one hanging on the wall above the T.V.

9:46pm, oh no! Aaron is probably worried sick. "Hey guys, it was nice meeting you all, but I have to go." I said standing up from the floor. "Oh come on Macy! I'm sure you stepdad wont be mad." Niall said. "Actually he probably will." I began twiddling with my thumbs. "Well if you have to go, at least let me drive you." Zayn said rising from his seat.

I nodded and we headed towards the door and to his car. I said goodbye to the others and we drove off. "I really wish you didn't have to leave..." Zayn said. "Yeah." was all I was able to say.

It was silent for the rest of the way. We were just about to turn on to my street, when Zayn took a left instead of a right. "Um, Zayn... my house is back that way." I said pointing in the direction of my house. "I know." He said. I was a bit frustrated, and worried.

"Then why didn't you go that way to drop me off?" I asked. I have some anger issues... "Babe, I said I would drive you there, but I didn't say when." He said not making eye contact. I didn't know what else to say, so I just said the first thing that came into mind. "Then where are we going, Zayn?" he smiled lightly. "Its a surprise." His smile growing as he spoke. I sighed and slouched back in the seat.

My stomach wasn't feeling so well. "I'm not feeling well, what was in the soda?" - "I don't quite remember, babe." I felt like I was going to puke right then and there. "Do you want me to pull over?" I didn't say anything because I thought I would through up if I did, so I just gently nodded my head. He slowed down and drove off the road onto the side. I quickly opened the door, and leaned over.

Zayn came over and began to rub my back. I was clutching my stomach, hoping it would make it feel better. It didn't. I was bent over for a while, and nothing happened. The feeling in my stomach was gone, but not completely. "Can you just take me home? Please?" I asked Zayn. "Yeah, maybe we can go some other time." - "Sure." I said.

He drove me back home, this time going the right way. I got out, said bye, and walked into my house. "MACY! Where have you been?" Aaron yelled. "I was with friends." - "You could have at least told me when you were coming home!" He said. "Sorry." Was all I said before I scurried off to my room. Today has been a long day. I don't even remember what day it is... I think its Friday. Right? Ugh, I don't even want to think.

I drifted to sleep. My stomach didn't feel bad anymore, so I was able to sleep peacefully. The night went bye as if I had only blinked. I checked the time. It was 6:28. Why am I up so early? I got out of bed and got ready for the day. By the time I was done it was 7:30. I went down stairs where Aaron was already up and dressed. "Hey Aaron." I said as I walked into the kitchen. "Hey. Do you want to come with me to the grocery store?" - "Sure!"

We drove to the store, but as we were looking for a parking space, I saw a familiar car. Aaron parked and we got out. We walked towards the doors and I instantly felt a tingle down my spine. Weird. I grabbed a cart and pushed towards Aaron. "I'm going to look around." I said to him. "Ok, make sure you come when its time to go." - "Ok." I walked in the opposite direction of Aaron and went through the isles. I saw some goldfish and got a bag.

I was startled when I felt arms snake around my waste. I jumped and faced forward the person. "Hello there babe." It was Zayn. "Holy chiz, Zayn! You almost gave me a heart attack." I told him clutching my heart. He laughed slightly and pulled me in for a hug.

I hugged back then pulled away. "So goldfish, huh?" He asked. "Yep." I said looking down at the bag I had. "So what are you doing here?" I asked Zayn. "Same as you, getting goldfish!" I laughed and began to walk off. "Hey, where ya going?" - "To buy this bag." I said it as if it were obvious. He followed as I went through the register. I texted Aaron I would wait outside for him. "So what are you going to do now?" Zayn asked. "I'm going to sit and wait." I said as I slid down the wall.

"Or... you can come with me, so I can show you that one surprise from yesterday." He said grabbing my hand and pulling me back up. I bit my lip. I wasn't sure if I should go. I told Aaron I would wait for him, but it was also hard to resist Zayn. "I - I don't know." I said. "Are you here with anyone?" - "Yeah, uh, my stepdad." I said. "Why don't you text him." I did as suggested.

To: Aaron

I'm going with my friend again. Met them here.

From: Aaron.

Alright. When will you be home?

"When will we come back, Zayn?" I asked looking up at him, but to find him texting. "Um, around 11:00pm." He said still looking at his phone.

To: Aaron

Around 11:00pm

From: Aaron

Ok, stay safe!

"Lets go." I said. Zayn looked up from his phone and smiled. I followed him to his car, that I saw earlier. "So, where and what is this surprise?" I asked as I buckled the buckle.

"I told you, it's a surprise, babe."


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