Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


12. Dinner Time

It was silent the rest of the way to their house. When we arrived, I hopped out of the car with my hands still tied. I had no emotion on my face. Niall woke from his nap in the back sleep and escorted me towards the door. "Let. Go. Of. Me." I said calmly "Sorry, Love, boss's orders." He said as I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Whatever." I mumble. He led me into the house. "Niall!" Called out Zayn. "yeah, boss?" Niall asked. "Take her to my room." Niall nodded and led me up the stairs. When we got there he shut the door. "Look, I just want to talk to you, Macy." Niall said. "About what?" I harshly said.

"I'm sorry about Aaron, and that Zayn is forcing you to be with us. He never asks people to join. And I mean he asks no one. So I'm pretty sure there is something special about you that he likes." He said taking a seat next to me on the bed. "But what about me?" I asked looking up at him. "I don't know, I guess you just have to find out." He said and gave me a side hug. At first I pulled back but then let him hug me. He quickly let go and shot up as soon as the bedroom door opened.

"What are you still doing in here Niall?" Asked Zayn. "Macy was wondering if she could get her hands freed. I said I wasn't sure and she asked if we would feed her. Took me a while to think if we would or not." Niall lied. To be honest he was a pretty good liar. Zayn seemed uncertain at first, but then believed. "Alright. Yes you can free her, and yes we will feed you. Come down stairs and join us for dinner." He said the end to me. I nodded ok as Niall walked over to free my hands. "See you at dinner Macy." Niall said with a wink as he walked out of the door.

I sighed and leaned back onto the bed, with my feet dangling of the side. "What have I gotten myself into?" I asked myself. Sighing, I got off the bed and scurried down stairs. Harry was cooking and yelling at Louis for 'throwing carrots at him while he is trying to concentrate on making dinner.' Liam and Niall where on the couch watching T.V.

But Zayn was nowhere to be seen.

"Have you guys seen Zayn?" I asked the boys. They all kept quiet and looked back to their activities. :/ I was going to turn around to go back upstairs when a body appeared out of nowhere. I gasped and looked up. Zayn. "Where you wondering about me?" He asked taking ahold of my hand. "No, just where you were." I said and yanked my hand from his. He viciously took it back. "If I want to hold your hand, I'm going to hold your hand." he said. I was scared to say anything else, so I kept quiet. "Harry! Is the food ready?" - "Just a minute more, boss." Harry replied. "C'mon, your sitting next to me." Zayn said pulling me along with him.

Table seating:

            Louis   Harry

Niall                            Liam

            Macy   Zayn


Harry sat down the food with help of Louis. Liam, elegantly, took his seat, while there was practically a puddle of drool near Niall side of the table. I was about to laugh, but didn't. I honestly think I may get along with Niall more than the others. "Hhhhhhaaaaarrrryyy!!! Pass me a the masked potatoes!" Louis pleaded. "I'm sorry boobear, but I don't think we have any 'masked potatoes'." Said Harry, teasing Louis. "You know I mean!" Harry passed him the bowl of pataters. >;3

Dinner was quite nice until someone had wandering hands. I chocked on my food. "You ok, Macy?" Asked Liam. I nodded yes. "Wh-where's the bath*cough*room?" I asked. "Here I'll show you." Zayn got from his seat and lead my to the bathroom down stairs. "You should control you hands during dinner." I snapped at him. "What are you talking about?" He asked. He actually looked like he had no idea what I was talking about. "Don't play stupid! I felt it!" - "Felt what?" each of our voices raised as we said each word. I gave him a 'do you really think I'm going to fall for that?' look. "Macy, I honestly don't know what your talking about. The only places my hand or hands have been at that table, was holding your hand and holding my fork." he said, his voice calming. It was true though.

Those where the only places his hands have been. But if he didn't do it... then who did?


A/N: Hi guys! I was meaning to publish this yesterday, but I had to go to dinner. Sorry it took a while. But thank you for reading!!!


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