Locked Up -Zayn Malik Fanfiction-

Macy moves to a new town to hide in a safe house. She starts school and meets people she shouldn't. Are the decisions she make the right ones, or wrong ones?


21. A Year Has Passed

Its been a year since I agreed to be apart of the guys.

"Hey Macy! Come here!" Zayn said. I took my head out of the fridge and ran over Zayn who was leaning up against the doorframe. "Yeah?" I asked. "Were going back to school." He said with a smile. But my face was the complete opposite. I've had enough of school. "Why?" I asked. y"Well, you didn't get to finish your senior year, so..." He said. "So! I don't need to finish! I have you guys!" I whined. "You don't have to worry, the boys and I are going to." He said. "Now why would you want to that?" I asked as my tummy growled. "To protect you." - "From?" - "People." He said. I was pretty confused. The only people I need to protected from would be these guys.

"We go back tomorrow. So be prepared, babe!" He said and left the kitchen. I rolled my eyes and walked back to the fridge. "Hmm. Nah.. Ooh. Nope." I thought as I scanned over the items in the fridge. I decided to just settle on an orange.

I walked to the living room and sat down eating my orange. Luckily, this orange didn't have any seeds. I finished the orange and decided to go on a walk. "Where are you going?" I heard someone say as I was about to walk out of the door. "I'm going on a walk." I said looking behind me to see Liam. "Well, I should come with you!" He said. "I want to walk alone!" I said sternly. "Non sense! Its dangerous out there, hun." He said putting on his shoes. "The only way its dangerous, is if you guys are out there." I said. "Ha-ha very funny." He said sarcastically and stood up. I shook my head. "But, believe it or not, were not the only gang here!" He said. "There's more?!" I asked surprised. "Yup." was all he said. "Oh."

As we were walking, Liam pulled me to the side. "What?!" I asked. "Shh." He said. I was confused. We were sitting behind some bushes in front of an oak tree. We began to hear muffled voices, but they became clearer as they came closer. I was just barley able to see through the bushes, and I recognized one of the people.


"Aaron! Wake up!" I shook his shoulders. "Mmmm, five more minutes." He turned so his back was facing me. I sighed and grabbed the only box of cereal we had. Again, we had no milk. "Bye Aaron." I said looking back before walking out of the door. He just groaned something so I continued to walk out. I waited for the bus. As I looked around my surroundings, I saw a figure. At this distance I just looked like he was a teenager, but as he came closer, I could tell he wasn't.

He had broad shoulders, and a tight shirt, outlining his torso. But as I looked closer t the man, I could see that he was holding something. It was black and shiny. I could see the sun's light reflect off of the object. He began to raise it up. I now knew what the object was. I ducked and he fired. I checked my pocket for my pocket knife but it wasn't there. I left it on the night stand in my room. I began to check my bag, pockets and any where to find anything and everything that I could use to defend my self.

I saw the bus coming. I convinced my self that by repeating "come on, come on, hurry up!", the bus would get here faster. The man's pace sped up. "Was I talking to you?!" I said to myself, meant to be a question to ask the man. After what felt like forever the bus finally came, picking me up and leaving behind the dangerous man.

---------End of Flashback----------

"Oh my god!" I whispered. The man must of heard me. He stopped and turned around looking in every direction. I grabbed onto Liam and made us lay down so the man couldn't see us. He stopped looking and continued walking. "What is it, Zeke?" One of the guys asked. "Just thought I heard something." He said, taking another look around. "You need to lay off that dip man. I think its going to brain." The other guy laughed. "Shut up, Calvin!" Zeke (apparently his name) said. They then walked off.

When they were far enough out of eye sight, Liam pulled me up. "So that's Zeke?" I asked Liam. "Yeah, he's the most aggressive of them. He has anger issues." He said as we dusted ourselves off. "I think I've seen him before."' I told him. "When?" Liam asked. "It was before I met you, Niall, and Louis. I was at the bus stop to get on the bus, and out of nowhere I see this guy running up with a gun. He tried to shoot me, but I took cover." I explained to him. "I wonder why he would do that." He said. "So, are you guys like two separate gangs with different people to work for or..?" I asked. "Um, actually we work for the same person. But we are both looking for the same girl that our boss was after. He said he would give a reward to whoever gets her first. So that's how we became enemies. We both want the prize." Liam explained. "Oh. Do you have any info on the girl?" I asked. "All we know, is that she was about the age of 8 or so when our boss went looking for her. He killed her parents but got caught before he could search the house. Now she is hiding somewhere with a body guard." He said.

"Oh." I said. "But we don't know what she looks like. The other gang does, but they wont share any information they have on her." He said. "That sucks." I said. "Yeah."

We got back home and took off our shoes. "Where have you been?" Zayn asked. He seemed upset and a little worried. "I went on a walk. With Liam." I added. Zayn nodded, then Liam cut in. "We saw the others." He said. Zayn tensed up. He then ran over to me. "What happened, did any of you get hurt?" Zayn asked looking around my body, for any signs of injuries. "No, we hid from them as soon as we saw them coming." Liam said. Zayn let out a sigh. Louis, Harry, and Niall entered the room. "What's up, guys? and Macy?" Asked Harry. Liam and Zayn ignored them. "Well fine then." Mumbled Harry.

An hour passed and Liam and I explained everything that happened to the rest of the guys.

 "We need to get some sleep. School tomorrow." Said Zayn as he winked at me. I crossed my arms and put an upset face on. The boys agreed and went up to their rooms.

When we got to Zayn's room, he shut the door and hopped onto his bed. I sat down and got under the covers. "Macy?" Asked Zayn. "Yeah?" - "Can I ask you something?" - "Go ahead." My back was faced towards him. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. I turned around so that I could look at him. It took me a while before I answered.



Ok, so I decided to just put the sequel back here... and yeah.. Ok.

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