Stolen My Heart

Olivia was an only child. She had a mother her loved her and a step father who abused her. One night she runs away because her parents were fighting. She gets found by someone from One Direction and ends up falling in love with him. Who will it be?


10. Wedding Date and Ice Cream Shop

*two weeks later*

Zayn’s POV

It has been two weeks since I proposed and I don’t think I can wait any longer. I am going to tell Liv that I want to get married before tour. Tour is in two weeks I want to get married.

I walk downstairs and find Liv making breakfast.

I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her neck. I hear a moan escape from her lips.

Then we hear Louis yell, “GET A ROOM!!!!!!”

“Louis why don’t you get out of this room?” I say.

Then Louis goes back up to his room.

Liv is taking the pancakes off the grill and then she goes sits on the couch and turns the TV on the news. She sees a picture of her on the news and her parents.

I see her freaking out and crying. I go over to her and put her on my lap. I cradle her in my arms and put the TV on freeze. I call the boys downstairs and they see Olivia on tv and her parents looking for her.

I press play on TV and her dad is saying, “I don’t know why she would run away from us. We gave her everything. We always loved her and never did anything to her to make her want to leave. Olivia if you are watching this please come home.”

TV reporter, “You heard them if you are out there Olivia please come home.”


Me and the boys jaws dropped by her yelling.

“What it is like you never seen a girl yell.”

Then Niall says, “Don’t curse it’s not ladylike.”

“Really if you can curse then why can’t I.”

Then Niall’s jaw dropped.

“Hey Liv can I talk to you?” I say.

She gets up and follows me up to your room.

“I know he is looking for you but I want to get married by Friday because you will be mine and you cannot go back to them. You are legal and your birthday is while we are on tour so you will be mine. Please it is for the best.”

“Yes I want to be yours forever and I do want to get married but I don’t have anything planned we need to start now and I am not leaving this house until then. I want El and Dani to come and help me.”

“Ok babe how about this they can spend the week over here and I will always have one of the boys stay with y’all.”

She nodded her head.

“Zayn I don’t want to go back with my family I hated my life until you walked into it. I Love You.”

“I promise they won’t hurt you.”

*later that day*

Liv's POV

Well tonight El and Dani are coming over to spend the week with me and help me plan my wedding I want a simply wedding at a little chapel.

They are going take me shopping for a wedding dress at El’s cousins wedding dress shop. Then Dani and El are taking me to Dani’s friends shoe store. Then we are going to my cousin’s jewelry shop she is the only person I can trust because she knows about Zayn.

Then the door rings.

I run down stairs and open the door and it is El and Dani with their suitcases.

They run in and hug me.

They bring their bags to their rooms and grab their purses and we head to my cousins jewelry store. I buy the most gorgeous pearl earrings and necklace. Then at the wedding dress store I buy this dress that is perfect for me in every way. Then at the shoe store I just bought some white heels.

We get back and the boys are all asking me to see my dress and then I replied with no wait until Friday.

(Ok I really don’t write until Friday so I will write until Thursday.)

Zayn’s POV

Today is Thursday and I am so excited about tomorrow. But I am a little concerned about Olivia it is a tradition for the father to give his daughter away on her wedding day but I am not sure what she is going to do.

I love her soooooo much and all I want to do it these three important things and that is love her, protect her, and show her how to be fun and not so serious. I believe I can do it.

Harry’s POV

Today was the day before the wedding and I cannot believe it. I knew Zayn loved her but not this much. Well I thought I could go for a jog to get my mind off of everything. I was jog and not paying attention when I ran into some one.

There in front of my eyes I saw the prettiest girl. She had brown curly hair that was sat perfectly on her shoulders. She had these beautiful brown eyes that made me want to melt on the inside. And her skin was light brown. She was gorgeous.

“Um I-I’m Harry sorry for running into you let me make it up to you would you like to go for ice cream?”

“Oh sure it is ok I wasn’t paying attention either; Oh by the way my name is Claudia.”

“That is a pretty name for a pretty girl.”

I saw her blush, “Thanks.”

We walked to the ice cream shop around the block and I told her a little bit about me. I was surprised she said that she likes One Direction but is not obsessed with us and I was cool with that. She told me that she is for American but moved here two years ago. She plays the bass. She lives with her mom. She is 16. And that her favorite color is green.

When we got there I got a chocolate ice cream and she got vanilla.

Before she left I got her number and a picture with her.

She is soooooooo beautiful, gorgeous, hot, and pretty.

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