Stolen My Heart

Olivia was an only child. She had a mother her loved her and a step father who abused her. One night she runs away because her parents were fighting. She gets found by someone from One Direction and ends up falling in love with him. Who will it be?


15. Sleepover Fun

Zayn’s POV

Me and Liv decided to have the boys and the girls over for a sleepover. I called Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis. Liv called El, Dani, Claudia, and some girl named Emily that Niall wants me and the others to meet.


*ding dong*

I open the door and all the boys and girls are here. Then Louis runs in, “SUPERMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

We all start laughing. He runs over to Liv and gives her a big hug.

We decided to watch a movie. We chose Love Actually. After the movie Liv said, “Lets play truth or dare.”

We all nodded in agreement.

Liv went in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle. We made a circle and the liv spun the bottle and it landed on Emily.

“Truth or dare.”



“Is it true that you are in love with niall?”


Ok then Emily spun the bottle and it landed on Harry.

“Hazza truth or dare?”



“Ok I dare you to run down the street yelling, “I’m a big fat idiot for 5 minutes.”

He nodded and walked out the house and we heard him yelling , “I’m a big fat idiot.”

We all started laughing then I spun the bottle and it landed on Claudia. Harry still had four minutes left.

“Truth or dare?”


“I dare you to record harry yelling.”

She grabbed her phone and left.

Niall spun the bottle and it landed on Liv.

“Truth or dare?”


‘ok I dare you to kiss zayn for five minutes.”

Then harry and Claudia came back in.

Liv sat on my lap and started kissing me.


We break apart.

“Hey guys me and the girls are going change in our night clothes ok.”

Then they left.


Liv’s Pov

We head up stairs and told the girls to change in the bras and underwear and put on a big tee.

Liv- black bra with blue strips on it and underwear that says SEXY.

El-  red silk bra with white polka dots and underwear that says HOT.

Dani- a purple bra and underwear that says LOVE.

Em- wore a hot pink bra and underwear that says SWEET.

Cla(pronounced claw.)- Lime green bra and underwear that says KISS THIS with a hot pink kiss on it.

We all put on a big shirt on and headed downstairs.

Then I said, “Man it  is hot in here.”

Then the girls and I took off our shirts. The boys jaws dropped then we walked over to them and sat on their laps.

“Ok guys I dare yall to just wear yall boxers for the rest of the night.” I said and then they did it.

‘Lets play 7 minutes in heaven. But to make in even more fun lets double the time.” We have five closets in our house so we will all go in one.

We put our names in a hat and pulled names out.

Zayn and Liv

Harry and Cla

Niall and Em

Louis and El                                                       

Liam and Dani

We all took a closet.

When we got in the closet Zayn started Kissing me. Then he laid me down on the carpet and he laid on top of me.

“ready?” He asked.

I nodded. He started kissing me and unhooked my bra and pulled off my underwear and I pulled off his boxers.

He starts thrusting his hips into mine. I moan.

He whispers in my ear, ‘you like that don’t you?” I nod.

“Is this your first time?” I nod.

‘I’ll go easy on you.”

He thrusts inside of me. It felt good. It didn’t even hurt. Well maybe a little but the pain felt good. Then he starts kissing my neck while his hands roam my body. I move my hands to his hair and start playing with it.

Then the timer goes off.

“Shit.” Zayn says.

We put our clothes back on well what we have of our clothes and walk out.

Then we head to our room. I get in the bed and Zayn wraps his arms around me. He starts kissing my neck. A little moan escapes from my mouth. I turn around and start kissing him. Then I fell asleep.

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