Stolen My Heart

Olivia was an only child. She had a mother her loved her and a step father who abused her. One night she runs away because her parents were fighting. She gets found by someone from One Direction and ends up falling in love with him. Who will it be?


8. Rings and Roses

Zayn’s POV

I woke up to Olivia in my arms fast asleep. I smiled, she looked beautiful when she was asleep. I realized that our tour was in a month and that Olivia was coming with me. I have only known her for about a month now and I am in love with her. I love her so much that I want her to be mine forever; so I want to propose to her. I go downstairs trying not to wake up anyone. But all of the boys were up already the girls were still sleeping. Harry was making pancakes, eggs, and bacon.

“Hey guys I need to tell y’all something.”

 “What” they all say at the same time.

“I want to propose to Olivia soon. I love her so much and she has been through a lot and I want to show her that I will always be there for her and to protect her.”

“Ok let’s go after we eat breakfast we will tell the girls we got a call for rehearsals and we have to go and then we can go buy the ring.” Harry says.

After we eat breakfast we go and change. I found the ring Olivia wore yesterday so I put it in my pocket and write a note to Olivia that we have rehearsals. Then we get in my car and drive to the jewelry store. I chose a simply sliver band with a diamond on it for Olivia and for me I just chose a sliver band. I had on the inside of Olivia’s band say I LOVE YOU. I did the same with mine.

Louis’s POV
I decided to get a ring for Eleanor because we have been dating for a long time and I really love her. I hope she says yes because I know that she is always away with modeling and I barely get to see her.

Me and Zayn are going to propose tonight. We are leaving around 7:00 because we have to drive to this fancy restaurant that I have no idea how to pronounce the name but it is an hour away for here we left a note that told them to be ready at a certain time and to bring an overnight bag.

Olivia’s POV

I woke up to Zayn gone I was a little worried until I saw a note on his pillow.  It said, “Sorry love me and the boys had to go to rehearsals today. We might be a little late so be ready by 6:30. Wear something nice. Love, Zayn.        P.S. Bring and overnight bag.”

I wondered why I needed an overnight bag. Oh well. I walk downstairs and found that El and Dani were making pancakes. I put me a few on a plate and poured some syrup on top. Then Eleanor said, “Hey Olivia did Zayn leave a note on your pillow about them going to rehearsals, to be ready by 6:30 and wear something nice, and to bring and overnight bag.”

“Yeah, I wonder what they got planned.”

Danielle said, “Me and Liam are going to the movies tonight but after I have to go home I hope y’all two have fun but I think they might have a surprise for y’all please let me know what they have planned for y’all.”

I looked at the clock and it was 1:00. Did I really sleep that long. I went upstairs and changed into some jeans and an old t-shirt and put on my black converse. I go to my jewelry and I find my favorite ring missing. It was a ring that had been in my family for years. I was a present for Queen Elisabeth I. my great great grandmother was her best friend when they were little. So when Elisabeth grew up she gave my great great grandmother a ring. It has a real ruby in it and has Queen Elisabeth I engraved on the inside. That ring is worth at least uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh …………………………. I really don’t know but my mother told me it was a priceless ring. I screamed.

Eleanor’s POV
I was talking to Danielle about what Louis and Zayn were planning when we heard Olivia screaming. We both ran upstairs and found Olivia by her jewelry. I run up to her.

El- “What happened, are you ok?”

O-“My ring is missing, no I am not ok.”

D-“Your ring is missing really; we can get you a new one.”

O-“Really y’all can go back in time to where Queen Elisabeth I and my great great grandmother were alive and when she gave my great great grandmother a priceless ring with Queen Elisabeth I engraved in it. Huh can you.”

El- “No, what your great great grandmother was friends with Queen Elisabeth I.”


*skips ring finding*

Danielle’s POV

 We have been looking for at least two hours and found nothing.

Then the boys come back it is already 4:30.

 “Hey Zayn have you seen the priceless ring from Queen Elisabeth I that Olivia had on yesterday.” I say.

I saw the boys’ jaws drop. I must have really shocked them.

Then Zayn whispers in my ear.

“I took it to the jewelry store to get Olivia’s ring size. Now if you tell Olivia or Eleanor this I kill you. Promise not to tell them.”

I nod my head.

“Me and Louis are proposing to them tonight, I am sorry I didn’t know Queen Elisabeth I gave her that.”

I was screaming on the inside I told Liam lets go to the movies now before I end up telling them.

So we left.

Zayn told me to put the ring in the purse Olivia had yesterday and ask her if she checked in her purse. So I did and Olivia bought it.

Olivia’s POV

I found my ring in my purse I forgot to check my purse.

So me and El got ready.

Our outfits are right here.

Dress for El



Just imagine a black cardigan


Dress for Olivia



Just imagine a white cardigan

then we left

Zayn’s POV

Liv look hot. She was gorgeous.

*skips car ride*

Liv and El were excited when we got there.

*skips eating*

I get out of my chair and I say, “I have an announcement meant. Olivia I have known you for only a short time but it feels like forever. I want you to be mine forever. I want to protect you and let no one hurt you. So,” gets down on one knee and opens a ring box and pulls out some red roses, “will you marry me Olivia Cali Thibodeaux.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes I will marry you.” She gets out of her chair and kisses me. Then we hear awe. Then we pull away.

Then Louis gets out of his chair and gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring box, “Eleanor will you marry me.”

El gets out of her chair and kisses him. Me and liv say awe. And the El says yes.

We get a hotel room and change into our overnight clothes. I go up behind Olivia and start kissing her neck. I hear a moan escape from her lips. I whisper, “You like that?” “Yes a lot.” We climb in bed and I wrap my arms around Olivia and I start to kiss her neck again. Then we fell asleep.

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