A question we always ask; yet even we can be unsure if we already knew about this as a child. They say children know a lot more; more intelligent. Which begs to differ; why aren't they the genius's? - Yet; the shocking truth is; we were all once a child. Even if we forget about it; our parents seem to remember it the most. Only the small details though; and cuteness. Nothing life changing or different...

Written By: Luke

I wish all luck with the competition! (:

- Afterlife competition -


2. The Awakening Aisle

“Where exactly am I...?” The little girl questioned, as if she had lost all hope already. Around her laid broken ornaments; sacred shards of jewellery too, her foots steps echoed behind her. “Take a deep breath, let’s just calm down” she urged herself, trying to stay as calm as a clam. Her voice left behind a patch of wind, her breath twisted around her heels. It seems that her effort to explore was very little. Most of the furniture was missing, just small patches of furniture that left behind prints on the wall. As if her little heart could take much more, it would be a shock if she is brave after-all...

Her long brown hair finally began to catch a breeze, the minor wind flows caused her to look as if she were flying. Her breath left behind slight warmth; it would keep the ghosts warm; if there is any. She closed her eyes, slowly walking down the aisle that looked to be leading onto a stage. The broken down dream like elements around her, it looked a little like a dream world. Reality or no reality, she had thought. It was as if her mind was being controlled or worst, possessed by a demon.

“This is the aisle, mother walked down” a voice echoed from her past, her left ear was getting a load of whispers. Most of the sounds around her were bells chiming, along with the sweet soothing sounds of a piano hitting every note correct. She knew had not much time to enjoy such a warm welcome, her nose twitched from the thought of going further. The cold winds soon managed to grasp her precious warmth. She may have needed that to keep alive; well we will soon see...

“One step closer, I feel you may become holy after-all” another voice said in a majestic voice. The voice from the stranger sounded very heroic. It may sound too un-described, she couldn’t think, her eyes began to release small tears. The blinks from her eye lids made the skin sore. Sooner or later, she will have to make a decision on what she wants to become. Just like our life, a choice must be made. This cannot affect her past in anyway whatsoever, thanks to a older man who moaned at her.

“You are looking for that rich Dan?” The man said with a pirate like voice, sounded pretty cool at first. Sooner or later, the little girl is going to find her way out. So they thought, sooner or later; death shall do us part. It was something she misheard in the past, well sort of. Her guts began to rumble, slowly rotting away in her devouring stomach. It wasn’t long until she had reached a new platform. Only this platform... it was covered in a very similar texture to the wedding cake...

“Sorry, I can’t do this...” a past memory occurred to the little girl, she lost hope in everything around her. The slight word could harm her, even her brain started to die and rot from lack of intelligence. In a matter of minutes, the little girl dropped to her small delicate knees. Resting her heels on the damp long carpet, it’s now or never; she thought hard. Until, the chimes of the bells rung once more... ending her life for good, she wanted to say good-bye to her husband.

The problems with this girl, well it’s all to do with what she had in her head.

Past memories, that had been haunting her every moment. Every step she would make, would be a mistake to the ones who loved her. Every turn she needed to take would lead to a world full of death.

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