Is it really you?

Roise Smith and Grace Parker are massive Directioners, and one day when they went to the beach, guess who was there? No one else but Louis and Harry in disguise! The girls don't know that they are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the girls think that they are normal boys they met on the beach. How will the boys tell the girls that they are there biggest crushes!!


4. Twitter Hate/Niall's new girl

Louis' P.O.V


Yesterday the cameras followed us everywhere so we ended up going back to mine. It was quite awkward telling Roise that I was Louis Tomlinson, well to be honest she already knew, thats what made it awkward! Anyway the pictures of Harry and Grace together got leaked and were on E news and all those gossip shows, and the pictures of Roise and I got leaked too. Yesterday the girls were couldn't get out of our house because Paul called and said that the cameras and lights could harm us, so the girls had to stay at our house, in the guest room. This morning Roise asked if she could use my laptop, to check her Twitter, and all of a sudden her eyes widened when she was reading her tweets....


Roise's P.O.V


I checked my twitter, and it turns out that, since yesterday when the pictures were leaked, I've received a tone of Twitter hate from Directioners! I called over Grace and she started ready it. We looked at each other with sad eyes, then Grace called over Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn.

"What's up?" Harry asked sitting down beside Niall.

"Listen to this, @roiseposie92 Stay away from my Boo bear or I will kill you! @Grace_Parker2 You don't deserve Harry, he deserves me!! Break his heart, and I'll break your face!!" I said to the boys, "I know its not that bad now, but it will get worse!! These tweets are after 1 day, imagine after a week!"  The boys stayed quiet, until Niall broke the silence. 

"C'mon guys, no long faces, lets go shopping or something to boost our moods!" 

"I'm up for it! C'mon Roise, you love shopping." Grace persuaded me.

"Fine, I'll go, only if we go to Topshop and then Hollister?"

"Ofcourse!!" Grace laughed. When we arrived at Topshop, I instantly ran to the shoe isle and started looking at some super stylish high heels. As Grace and I started laughing and looking at clothes when this girl came up to us.

"Excuse me, sorry I just was wondering did you girls ever work in modelling?"  The girl had brown eyes and burnett hair. She wore a name tag that read Stephaine

"No, no I haven't..."

"Me neither..." Grace said confused.

"Then can you girls model some outfits for the new season collection?" Stephaine asked.

"Sure!" I smiled along with Grace. The boys came over to us. We told them that we're doing a modelling job. Stephaine just stood there gob smacked! She was staring at Niall and Niall was staring back. He was so in-love! It was in his eyes!! I went over to Stephaine and dragged her infront of Niall.

"Stephaine this is......." Stephaine cut me off.

"Niall James Horan, I know!" Stephaine blushed.

"Em... Hi Stephaine...." Niall said kinda nervous.

"I'll leave you to alone." I backed away and joined Louis. For Niall and Stephaine, that was the beginning of a beautiful relasionship.....



rowcorrigan_92 gave me half of the idea for the Twitter hate thing, so all the praise should go to her. Also Roise in my fan fiction is really Rowena Corrigan.

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