Is it really you?

Roise Smith and Grace Parker are massive Directioners, and one day when they went to the beach, guess who was there? No one else but Louis and Harry in disguise! The girls don't know that they are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the girls think that they are normal boys they met on the beach. How will the boys tell the girls that they are there biggest crushes!!


6. Telling the world!

Harry's P.O.V


The question that Grace asked was quite simple for me to answer!! I've actually been wanting to ask her, but I never had the courage.

"As a gentlemen, I'll break the ice......."  Okay I know that that didn't make any sense but you'll get it in a minute.

"Pardon?" Grace asked really confused. I made it all dramatic by going down on one knee. She looked kinda scared.

"Grace, will you be my girlfriend?" I felt really scared..... She just stood there surprised then she started smiling...

"Ofcourse, who would be stupid enough to say no!!" I stood up and swung her around. Then we walked back my house ready to go to the studio. I walked into the living room and saw Louis and Roise kissing on the couch. I looked at Grace and we both grabbed pillows and started throwing them at Louis  and Roise. Roise screamed while Louis threw pillows at us. I grabbed Grace's hand and we ran upstairs, followed by Louis and Roise! I ran into Louis room and gathered up all of the pillows in sight. Louis and Roise ran after us and stole some of our weapons! After around 5 minutes or so of fighting, we got a text from Simon. It said...

There's no studio rehearsal  today, you'll have to explain that to fans on a twitcam.-Simon

I guess we'll have to do a twitcam. Louis and I talked and answered questions. Grace and Roise talked and laughed in the kitchen causing all the attention to go towards them. I picked up the IPad and walked over to Grace and Roise. Louis wrapped his arm around Roise and I did the same to Grace. I had to explain the whole thing to the fans because questions kept coming up saying, "who are they?" or "Are they your girlfriends?".

I pointed to Grace and said,

"This is my beautiful girlfriend Grace!" I said kissing Grace on the forehead, then Louis introduced Roise,

"This is Roise, my beautiful girlfriend!" Louis said kissing her on the cheek before  going to the fridge. Grace and I walked into the living room and turned on the t.v, while I still talked to fans. She put on E news and a picture of Grace, Roise, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Stephaine and I came up. It was a picture of us at Topshop. Then a picture of Grace and I at the beach today. I guess the whole world knows about Grace and I, I wasn't angry, I was happy that all the boys know that Grace is taken and that nothing will change that!!!



I'm having a competition on a new character. She has to like Zayn and be willing to date him! I'll need some info about you...


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You can KIK me your entries instead. My KIK name is Mrs.GraceStyles22

Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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