Is it really you?

Roise Smith and Grace Parker are massive Directioners, and one day when they went to the beach, guess who was there? No one else but Louis and Harry in disguise! The girls don't know that they are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the girls think that they are normal boys they met on the beach. How will the boys tell the girls that they are there biggest crushes!!


2. Suspicions....

Grace's P.O.V



The boys seem really nice, and one of them looks like Harry Styles!! Same emerald eyes, perfect curly hair, cute dimples and that smile that could end world hunger! When we were playing volley-ball, it was Roise and I against Ben (the one who looks like Harry) and Jack (the one who looks like Louis.) We passed the ball back and forth. The girls served because its ladies first! It went from Roise to Jack then to me and Ben. I kept trying to psyche Ben out by yelling weird and random things like "O.M.G. Is that Justin Timberlake?" or "Did you know that the smallest complete sentence in the English langue is 'I am'!!"  It worked well until, Ben yelled "Wait is that a sign that says 85% off every thing in Hollister?" I quickly turned around and the ball came right at me and I fell to the ground. The sand was roasting underneath me and I sat up slowly in pain and feeling my sore forehead. Roise rushed to me and asked......

"Grace are you okay?" 

"Yeah, I'm fine just kinda sore....." I said trying to stand up Roise helping me.

"I'm really sorry, I honestly didn't think you'd fall for it! I wasn't on purpose, I swear!!" Ben said, I noticed sorry-ness  in his voice.

"Its fine, I promise I'll be fine, anyway now I have an excuse for revenge!!" I said walking slowly in circles around Ben.

"Well, at least I'll be prepared." Ben laughed. We went back to the others and continued the game. They were very familiar, from where though, I just couldn't tell. When we were about to go home Roise and I started talking about how they were familiar to both of us. We walked up to Ben and Jack just to make sure they weren't who we thought they were.

"Em.... Ben, Jack, are you sure we haven't met, 'cause both Roise and I think you're..... well that doesn't matter, have we ever met even before in town?" I blurted out. Ben and Jack looked at each other scared expressions on there faces...

"Well maybe, except, we're British and we've only been in L.A for 2 weeks now, and we haven't left since then! As we said before, we would've remembered your faces, like how could we forget!!" Ben seemed worried at first then relaxed after. I brushed my fingers through the hair trying to put it in place since he gave me a comment, well he gave us a comment. I blushed and Ben winked at me.

"Anyone going for ice cream?" Jack blurted out suddenly. We all agreed and went down to the nearest shop that sold ice cream. Roise and Jack walked in front of Ben and I, so I saw the way he was looking at her. His eyes went bright when she was around, he loved having her company and he obviously liked her. It was in his eyes.


Ben/Harry's P.O.V.


We almost got caught with the One Direction thing. My heart raced when I had to make up an excuse and Louis or Jack, didn't want to give it away so he stayed quiet. I had a great day today but, I don't know who long I'll be able to keep this up, because I don't really lie. I really hope I won't ruin it for the rest of the boys. I really like Grace and Roise, They're really nice!! But they're on to us and the One Direction thing..................... 

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