Is it really you?

Roise Smith and Grace Parker are massive Directioners, and one day when they went to the beach, guess who was there? No one else but Louis and Harry in disguise! The girls don't know that they are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the girls think that they are normal boys they met on the beach. How will the boys tell the girls that they are there biggest crushes!!


8. Liam's influence on his idea........

Liam's P.O.V.


I needed to clear my head. Too many things past by in my head, I can't just leave, I've come so far! From sitting on stairs doing Video Diaries, now I'm singing in stadiums to millions of screaming girls! I jogged for a while, then I finally took a stop outside a shop. 'This is really weird.....I've never seen this shop before,' I thought to myself  as I walked over to the mysterious shop. It had clothes, shoes, toys, games, bikes and much more! I walked around the shop and saw this girl with short, brunett hair. She turned around to see me, she looked like she just saw a ghost or something, then out of the blue... she fainted right in front of me! I gasped and ran over to her. I kneeled down next to her and started shaking her. At first there was no answer, which scared me. 'Did I just kill a girl?' I asked myself feeling really, really scared. She started moving, then she carefully placed her hand under her head. She looked up at me, still shocked but a little calmer than last time. A smile forms on my face, and I sign a sigh of relif. 

"Y-Y-Y- You are.............. L-L-L-L Liam J-James P- Payne!!" She said sitting up and looking at me really excited.

I laugh, "Yeah, yeah I am, and you are?"

"Oh, I am Jessica, Jessica Mulligan." She smiles.

"Jessica, I think I owe you a cup of coffe." I smile.

"You want to get a cup of coffe, with me?" Jessica asks really suprised.

"Yeah, c'mon!" I stood up and held my hand out for her to hold it. She grabbed my hand and got up. Jessica and I walked to the nearest Starbucks and had a cup of coffe. Fans came up to us in groups and asked me for my autograph, but in the middle of all that, I just couldn't keep my eyes off Jessica! Thoughout the whole time of us being together, she took picture for fans, smiled, laughed and was generally nice. I started telling her about my hard decision of leaving One Direction . At first she seemed supisingly gutted...

"No, Liam you can't!! You're my favourite in One Direction, they NEED you!! Louis may be the oldest but in his mind he's 5! Harry is the youngest and he takes advantage of that by acting like the youngest! Niall is......... well Niall is..... just strange and he needs you, you're his bestest friend, he's naming one of his boys after you! Zayn, Zayn really needs you!! You can't leave! Think of the fans!!" She pours out her heart.

"I never looked at it that way, now I have no idea what to do now!"

I'm really confused, what should I do? Jessica seems really upset about my desicion, so I image that all of the other fans would be upset. My final discion is that, if Danielle really loved me that much, she would understand that I have to be there for my fans along with her. I realise that we have different skeduals, but  we can find time for eachother! I'm...................................................................................................




Sorry for the long wait for this chapter! I'll try to update at least once a week! You'll have to wait to see Liam's reaction in a while. Thanks for making my favouriting my movella. Instagram me at @mrs_grace_styles02

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