Is it really you?

Roise Smith and Grace Parker are massive Directioners, and one day when they went to the beach, guess who was there? No one else but Louis and Harry in disguise! The girls don't know that they are Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the girls think that they are normal boys they met on the beach. How will the boys tell the girls that they are there biggest crushes!!


9. Group Hug/Miami Trip!!!

Roise's P.O.V.


I sat there on my IPad checking my Twitter and all these 'Rouis' things came up ('Rouis' is Roise + Louis). It's kinda cute, but Rouis? Seriously? I'll change it, my real name is Rowena, so, Louena, yeah Louena!! So I Twitted it, and started the whole trend! Liam bashed through the door, panting for air. I moved around in my chair with a woried look on my face. I looked at Grace who was squeezing Harry's hand. Liam hesitated for a few moments, it really felt like years of waiting! I waited, then Liam broke the silence.

"I have been doing alot of thinking........................" he paused,

"And I realised...... you guys mean too much to me!" He smiled. A sigh of relief was heard. Grace and I screamed and jumped up going to hug Liam. After a few seconds of us hugging the other boys joined in. I wwas soo relieved!!

"Let's go to Miami!" Harry blurrted out.


"Pardon??" Grace asks just as surprised as I am.


"Lets go to Miami, as a celebratory day for Liam!!"


 "Sure, lets go pack!" Zayn said disppearing up the stairs........

Apparently, I'm going to Miami..........



Sorry for the really short chapter, I need more ideas! I'll update as soon as a possibly can! Tell me if you enjoy me chapters in the comment box below!! Thanks, KIK me!!

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